10 Coolest Climbing Walls

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There are so many great articles about rock climbing. This sport develops your muscles, finger strength, concentration and focus. Rock climbing is an awesome sport! There are some very cool climbing walls that have been built. We are featuring the ten coolest climbing walls out there! You can have a peek with us at two of the ten coolest climbing walls. Prepare and warm up because we are going to climb on this thing!

The Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall.

If you love rock climbing AND 'Alice and Wonderland' as well, then you better check out this first coolest climbing wall. Alice and Wonderland themed climbing wall will sweep you off your feet! In fact, this is a fitness club located in Japan. It is called the Illoiha Fitness Gym. This is designed the Nendo, a Japanese architectural firm. As stated in Nendo's website, the idea of this wonderful climbing wall is based on the interior design elements that are usually seen at home. Those interior elements are picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, bird cages and flower vases which are designed to create a challenging wall with hard-to-find holds and unusual finger grips.

The Campus Climbing Wall.

Are you trying to balance school and rock climbing? This campus climbing wall found in Enschede is the Netherlands will certainly aid you! You can wall climb even on a campus dormitory. Thank Arons & Gelauff Architecten for creating this design. This has been considered as one of the tallest wall climbing spots in the country. If you live in this dormitory and you love wall climbing, this campus climbing wall is the place you should never miss.

Check out these two and the rest of the coolest rock climbing walls in the world by clicking Oddee website link below. Have fun climbing!

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