14 Skills Everyone Totally Masters After Getting A Pup

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Are you thinking about getting a dog? Well then you need to read Bark Post's clever list of 14 skills everyone totally masters after getting a pup. Getting a dog for the first time can be a daunting thought for a prospective pet owner. Of course we all hope that our dog will be perfect and never chase cats, run in front of cars or bark at the mailman. But the truth is, all dogs poop and most dogs have some annoying behaviours or gross habits at some point in their canine lives.

This cute article contains a hilarious series of photos depicting a number of common situations that dog owners will find themselves in. Whether your doggie dilemma involves canine hygiene and waste disposal, transport and travel or inter-species communication, you will find yourself somewhere in this list. Wondering how to dress your dog for a day at work? Or how to get through your daily yoga practice without neglecting your canine friend? This list has you covered.

Bark Post is a fun website for dog lovers of all kinds. Full of photos, videos and stories from the cute to the funny to the heartwarming, Bark Post provides a platform for dog people to share the joy of their fuzzy friends. They have even created their own apps like the Bark Cam to help you take better photos of your dog, or the Bark Buddy that matches prospective dog owners with their ideal canine companions. You can also sign up for their monthly Bark Box to have a gift box of special treats sent to your dog every month.

Whether you are a current or a prospective dog owner, this article will bring a smile to your face. To read more about this subject and see some funny pictures, visit the website link below to the Bark Post website.

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