“If someone made an offer to me to live off-grid, I’d grab that opportunity!” Well, same goes here, pal! Everything that involves that saving Mother Nature is worth grabbing! Off-grid is a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. And since we both want to ‘grab this opportunity’, Off Grid World has provided us 17 tips for going off grid. Do you want to hear three of those? “Please! Share them.” I would love to. Here are three of the seventeen tips for you to consider when you want to live off grid.

Firstly, you have to be willing and ready to relocate. This is the basic rule if you want to live off-grid: you have to be willing to move from one place to another to cut off your expenses. Most likely, you will have to relocate away from the city. Sometimes, people move to a place where getting into towns, and convenient stores involves communiting there. Plan to live in an area that you can expand your homestead; with “room to grow your own food and animals, and build a nice home for you and your family.”

This now leads to the second tip: learn how to grow your food in your backyard. There are many methods involving it. According to True Activist’s website, “it’s a good idea to learn as many as possible BEFORE you make the move to go off the grid.” You need to learn a lot if you want to live off the grid. There are many skills that you need to hone to become more self-sufficient.

The last tip that I will share today. “Learn a new trade or skill that you've always wanted to learn. Get a degree if you’re so inclined. If you don’t want a degree, just go for enrichment and the gain the knowledge. Knowledge will last you a lifetime, and it expands as you grow. There’s no reason you can’t do what you want to do,you just have to want to do it.”

“This is very helpful! I want to know more tips!” Sure! Just click Off Grid World’s website below. *winks*

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