22 Shocking (And Exotic) Horses

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Horses are such beautiful and graceful animals aren't they? They are such gentle and loving beings when given the environment to be nurtured and cared for. They are often highly regarded for certain breeds and judged on color and size in certain competitions around the world. People even breed them for a living and raise them to sell to people to show. There is a whole equine world that is very elite and some what exclusive, and they praise these horses and give them star treatment. Massages and hair styles, fancy accessories and even sometimes clothing!

The horses in this article are probably some of the horses or like some of the horses you would see in these shows. They are very interesting breeds and have incredible markings and coloring! Once you see them, you will be in awe of the beauty that is created in these horses! The one I found the most amazingly beautiful and different than anything I had ever seen before in my life, is the Tobiano Snow Flake Dapple Silver. You will see what I mean when you go over to the link. Its markings are so unique and spectacular; I bet you have never seen anything like this horse in your life!

Also, yes, there is one that looks like a cow like the title reads! How amazing is that?! Mother nature and creation never cease to amaze me! I bet a lot of these horses have gone home with first prize from horse shows. They really are some of the most interesting and beautiful horses I have personally ever seen. You have to check them out! And share with all your horse and animal loving friends.

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