23 Canny Ideas for Furnishing Your Entire Home with Nothing but Pallets

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Pallets are a great source of wood for upcycling projects. With these 23 clever ideas you'll be able to furnish your entire home using just pallets.

With everything here from beds to bookcases and plenty more fun DIY's in between, you can create unique and rustic furniture, fun art and great storage solutions. Whatever you need, craft it from a pallet.

We will talk about a few of these projects to get you excited.

1. Rustic Table and Chair

This is going to result in a rather more rustic type of furniture that would go well in an outdoor picnic are or on your patio. You can customize the size and height by determining the length of the boards.

2. Verticle Pallet Garden

If you have some unsightly walls or an old fence that would benefit from some live plant growth this pallet garden gets mounted to the wall surface and with the use of landscape fabric, soil and trailing and basket type plants you quickly turn an unsightly space into one teaming with lovely flowers.

3. 3D Pallet Letters

If you are in a country home setting and need a sign indicating your family name or ranch here is a unique way to make a letters from pallets.

4. Pallet Sofa

This would be a great sofa for a rumpus room or garage hang out. Inexpensive and sized large enough to hold a few people.

5. Alternative Christmas Tree

Looking for an alternative to a regular Christmas tree that is very decorative and very country. This pallet tree will give a rustic county flare to perhaps your cottage or ski cabin.

6. Upcycled TV Stand

For that ultra rustic, eco friendly TV stand, this piece would be fitting in the right environment.

7. One-Pallet Chair

This chair is has a very similar appearance to pine chairs you will find in the garden center.

To view all 23 projects and see the DIY instructions please visit the "Instructables' website below.

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