$3.5 Million Almost Off-the-Grid Home

Whoever said living off the grid is cheap have definitely not heard about this $3.5 million worth of property in Hamakua. Although it is not completely an off-grid home, it is considered to be in this category since it is far from the traditional way of living that everyone is used to in the city area. This luxurious almost-off-the-grid home can be found specifically in the Umauma Fall Estates in Hawaii. The owner is a celebrity songwriter who intended it for accommodating high-profile guests. The place is also available for rental for some tourists who would want to spend their vacation here, given that they could afford its rental fee.

Staying in this place is like being in a resort. Everything in this property is breathtaking because it was just perfectly built. The ocean view will blow your mind and make you realize how beautiful life really can be. You will experience the tropical breeze when you enter the kitchen of this house. There is also music that is being played on the central sound system, making your experience in this place even more cinematic with an official soundtrack.

It has a master suite that would make you see the sunrise and a huge bathroom that is perfect for honeymooners. The whole area is just so spacious that it would even be impossible for you to bump to another person unless you really intend to. And for the ladies who always want to make sure they look gorgeous, you will be glad to know that it has a vanity area and a huge tub to make you not just look good but feel good all throughout the day.

There are still so many cool features that you will find inside this estate that will surely inspire you. To know more about this house, check on the website “Hawaii Life” below.

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