42+ Wives With A Sense Of Humor

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Marrying someone with a good sense of humor is one way to keep a relationship feeling new and alive. And these photos show just how funny wives can be. The photos are proof that are sure to make you laugh out loud. The ideas are creative, hilarious and fun and show that sharing a good laugh or two is a good thing to do. Relationships can be tricky, so it's important to laugh as much as you can. Relationships can get way too serious sometimes, especially when you have stress from work, the kids, and money. Laughing together creates a feeling of warmth, bonding, and relaxation, and has even been said to stimulate physical attraction. You will want to take a look at the more than 42 photos of wives with a sense of humor; you may even use an idea or two yourself. Every wife can learn a thing or two from the photos on the list.

Laughing is just one of the ways you can keep a relationship fun. To be married or in a relationship with someone that makes you laugh every day can go a long way in making a relationship work. Life can get too serious sometimes without receiving regular doses of humor. Along with fun you also need mutual respect in a relationship. If you don't have this, then it's going to be a tough road. Mutual respect doesn't mean you agree with everything your partner says or does. It does mean that you should have admiration for one other, and a steady undercurrent of love and trust throughout your relationship. You also want to be sure and have each other's back. And in a healthy relationship you can expect to argue, but not fight. Healthy couples argue, but they should never fight. You can argue without fighting. Arguing is something that is non-combative, you and your partner state should have your points of view without name-calling or raising your voice. Sometimes you can also agree to disagree, and that's okay. And if you have children it's important to agree on parenting. There are three styles of parenting. Authoritarian is the type of parenting where the rules are the rules with no exceptions.

Then there is authoritative parenting. This is the parenting style where there are rules, but the kids can also give their input, but the parents have the final say. Then there is lenient parenting. This is the style of parenting where there are minimal rules if any.

Another important thing when it comes to relationships has equality with money. This is also true even if one partner makes more money than the other, you both should have an equal say about where the money goes. There should be no hidden accounts, and you can decide together before you make large purchases. Couples should also have common goals and values. Couples who have very different interests can still have healthy relationships. What counts is that they also share common goals and values. Couples who have different religions or non-religion and cultural backgrounds can still have healthy relationships. What is most important is that they share core beliefs. You may both share the belief that giving back to your community is something you both want to do. Or you might both share the belief that extended family members are welcome to live with you at any time. Values and beliefs differ for everyone.

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