43 Off The Grid Hacks

Off the grid is a very sustainable way of living life. However, for some of you who are used to the life in the with everything at their fingertips, there might be a little hitch. There are many things you are going to have to learn how to do for you survival! If you have off-grid questions, here are 43 off-grid life hacks for you to learn. Thats 43 people! Tell me who wouldn't survive with that? You'll have to thank Riley Carlson from the website Pioneer Settler for providing you these hacks. *winks*Let us have a look at three of these 43 off-grid hacks? Cool? Im with you, pal! Great! Now, here they are!

Guys, what do you do with the coffee grounds? What else? Throw them out. The coffee is made, and the grounds are done and no use to you. Thats where you are wrong. Coffee grounds are beneficial, whether you are living off-grid or not. It has a lot of uses! For example, I know you are saving clean water for your everyday off grid life. If you have stinky hands, youre going to need lots of clean water, but coffee grounds can be a great alternative, sister! All you need to do is keep a container of coffee grounds by your kitchen sink and rub on smelly hands after cutting up onions, fish, or garlic. That is a great hack, isn't it? *winks*

Another one is the baby oil. Well, its not only for babies. Baby oil is for everyone! Baby oil can be used during extreme weather conditions. Frostbites? Meh! What are we going to do then? Drink baby oil? What? No! Alright, Ill lead you to the instructions later.

Lastly, we have Doritos chips as great tinder. If you bring too much Doritos or other snack ships, but not enough wood to make a fire, its time to make some sacrifice. Watch the world burn I mean the snack chips burn as it provides you the light and warmth you need in your off grid living.

This time, you can click Pioneer Settlers link below to give you the instructions and more off grid hacks. Enjoy!

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