5 Backyard Herbal Remedies to Harvest Yourself

Here are 5 Backyard Herbal Remedies to Harvest Yourself. Some of the healthiest foods on the earth can be grown in your very own back yard. Sometimes they are already growing there without you knowing it, or, without you knowing their amazing value and mistaking them for weeds. Yes, even weeds have medicinal value and can be some of the healthiest foods known to man. Once you see that every plant has a purpose instead of seeing certain ones as threats, you will be able to understand the value of the plants that are growing around us all the time, even without our help. Mother nature is quite powerful and very wise when it comes to everything being in a symbiotic balance and relationship. Everything in nature works perfectly together without struggling or striving too hard. There is still a large emphasis on growing a lawn that looks pretty, which actually goes against nature's flow. In the industrial age people were told to grow perfect, green lawns without weeds in them, and make sure that everything looked really manicured and professional. Nature is wild and carefree so sometimes it doesn't quite work out so easily to keep things away. So after reading these useful tips for life, you might walk away with a new understanding of what these plants that were once considered invasive have to offer us.

One thing to always remember is to never consume any plant you are unsure of. You can get a field guide that helps you to identify the plant you have found and whether it is poisonous or ok to consume. Also, some good advice is to make sure that the plants haven't been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides either which could also be harmful for your system. This is why it would be great if you could get the plants from your own backyard that you have control over. So what are the plants you can definitely use? You might be surprised, but one of them is actually the common dandelion, which has wonderful healing benefits and the greens are filled with nutrients and vitamins. The plant has iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and vitamin C, A, D and B. And to think that this plant that everyone is so ready to get rid of. Now you know that it is amazing. All parts of the dandelion can be used and people make teas, tinctures, supplements, salves or poultices out of the root, flowers, stem, and leaves. The leaves can be added into any green salad for an additional boost of nutrition. Stinging Nettle is another wonderful plant that is often hated because it can cause rashes when it touches your skin. If you can be very careful around this plant, once it is harvested, it can bring you many healing benefits. This plant is great at helping with allergies as well as with lowering blood pressure. Just be sure to wear gloves when harvesting these nettles.

Learning how to use all sorts of plants medicinally can really add to your positive life tips to live a happy, healthy and natural lifestyle. That is what Wellness Mama is all about, bringing us all positive life tips that we can incorporate easily into our lives. She has so many amazing useful tips for life and you can learn so much from her beautiful website. It is so great that Katie, the Wellness Mama is sharing all of this awesome information with us for free. By learning more about how to live naturally, we can live longer more fulfilled lives. So enjoy learning more about these backyard remedies you can harvest yourself.*

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