5 Things About Horses You Need To Know!

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Horses have long held the imagination and interests of people from all over the world, their beauty and grace are the thing that legends and stories are made of. These "5 Amazing Horse Facts," are an interesting look at some things about horses that most people might not know.This great website has all sorts of facts from weird facts, to WTF facts, celebrity facts, interesting facts and OMG facts. Theres plenty of fun photos, and reads to keep you entertained on a rainy afternoon. A few of the amazing horse facts on this site include; that horse breeding is big industry and a massive money making business, Arabian horses are considered the most fascinating breeds, and horses have the larges eyes among land animals. Horses really are fascinating animals, years ago I was lucky enough to live on a farm where there were horses board. Every day when it was time to feed some of the farm animals hay, the horses never ceased to amaze me, as they would follow behind me trying to grab the hay out of my hands, you can only imagine with there big size how it was a bit intimating, but fascinating at the same time.

Horses have been domesticated since about 4000 B.C., there are also wild domesticated horses. They are able to sleep standing up or lying down. There are many different names for horses from colt (male horse under four), filly (female horse under four), foal (horse of either sex less than a year), gelding (a castrated male horse of any age), stallion (non castrated male horse any age), yearling (horse of any sex between one and two).Over the years there is a long list of movies that have horses as one of the main characters, some of the popular horse movies include; All The Pretty Horses, Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns, Buck, Crazy Over Horses, Dark Horse, The Colt, The Electric Horseman, Flicka, Flicka 2, Flicka: Country Bride, The Horsemen, The Horse Whisperer, International Velvet, The Lemon Drop Kid, The Man From Snowy River, National Velvet, Seabiscuit, Secretariat and The War Horse to name a few. There are also plenty of movies that have horses within the movies, western movies are especially popular for horses.

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