6 Tips for Better Climbing Footwork

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Rock climbing is all about excelling in your footwork. You must know the techniques on how to use your feet well whenever you place them softly on footholds. There's a whole lot of science to it that you should be aware of. Making small steps and using your legs for pushing and creating the right amount of pressure while ascending and descending are among the things that you must also learn. These are your secrets to endure those hard routes. Once you know how to deal with your footwork, you will be able to find confidence not just in using your feet but your entire body. If you want to improve your skills in climbing, here are some tips that will help you with your footwork.

1. Foot placement and pushing- you must know that climbing involves two body forces contradicting each other and those are pushing and pulling. Pull with your legs because that area has the strongest muscles in your body. You will be able to conserve your arm energy by doing this. Always use your legs and not your arms to push and instigate all your climbing movements, especially if you're trying to ascend.

2. Eye on your foot- this should be practiced well each time you are trying to move from one foothold to another. Scanning the rock surface to determine where your next foothold should be is also a must. This technique will help you with your safety and even with your speed in reaching for the destination as quick as possible. All climbers are looking at their feet because they know that the right placement is the key to their success in this field.

It is best that you pay close attention to the experts, so you could get some tips from their experiences as well.

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