7 Ways To Treat A Fever Naturally

If you are a parent, then you are always paying attention to the health and wellbeing of your child or children. Its inevitable that kids get sick, so here are 7 Ways To Treat A Fever Naturally. When you have kids you are told so many things to do with children especially when they get sick. But what if you don't want to give them Tylenol at the first sign of illness? What if you would rather use natural home remedies to help your child feel better? This is something that more and more parents are becoming interested in, treating their child naturally when it comes to illnesses. There is a lot of stigma around viruses that can tend to make people feel like they have something to fear when their child starts feeling ill. But viruses actually help to build our immune systems when we are younger so that we can be able to have the combating cells to fight off pathogens, which are the invasive bad bacterias and viruses. Putting a child on antibiotics all of the time can sometimes end up doing more harm than good, since the body becomes too tolerant to the antibiotic formulas.

There has also been a lot of fear built up around children getting a fever. This article from Mommypotamus has some great advice and information on things to do with children when they have a fever, and explains that having a fever is actually a good thing. How can your child burning up be a good thing? Well, a fever is the body's natural response to killing of the virus that has found its way into the system. The high temperatures are a reaction the body has to kill off the intruders, so it is completely natural that the child would have a fever when they are sick. The website even features a video message from a doctor who tells us that the number on the thermometer is not as important as the way the child is behaving. If the child is still wanting to play and enjoy the things he or she usually does, they are just fine. Of course you want to monitor them and keep them very hydrated with water throughout the time when they have the feverish symptoms as well as have them rest and sleep as much as possible. But using Tylenol to bring down the fever as most parents are taught, is not necessary unless the child needs it to be more comfortable, but using it to reduce the fever is not necessary the doctor on the video says.

Checking the fever temperature only once a day is all that is needed and your child doesn't have to go to the hospital unless they are showing severe signs of debilitation, not eating, not going to the bathroom, and things of that nature. Making the child comfortable is the goal when they have a fever, not to bring it down. You can give them some ice, lots of fluids, and low sugar popsicles to help them be more comfortable. If you must give the child some medicine to help them to be more comfortable, then the minimal dose is a good place to start and stick with only one type of medicine. If you are very concerned for the health and wellbeing of your child, then by all means take them to the doctor of course. The article also discusses times when you absolutely should take your child to the doctor when they are sick. Especially if they are a very young baby or if they have a fever that lasts longer than 3 days. Also, if your child has any other health concerns or issues, then involve their doctor if you suspect something. The list of natural home remedies on the Mommypotamus website is wonderful and will give you many things to do with children who are sick to help relieve their discomfort. A great article to keep on hand.*

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