8 Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Low Vibration

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This article has some great tips to increase positive vibrations. There are many additional low-cost suggestions that are easy to implement. A walk or fresh air is a great way to change perspective and its easy to do.

Additionally, essential oils and natural fragrances can stimulate the mind and emote feelings of balance and tranquility. These oils can be added to bath water or diffusers or oil burners to enrich the air in your home or office with the aromas of your choice. Incense and natural herbs like sage or sweet-grass can be burnt to clear negative emotions and promote prosperity. A relaxing candle-lit bath tub with lavender essential oils is a great stress reliever and will pull anyone out of a bad mood. Crystals and gemstones have long been praised for their "healing" powers and having a few beside your bed or on a shelf where you will see them is a subtle way to remind you to cleanse your thinking patterns. There is an adage "what you focus on, grows". So the more things you can do to shift your focus from the "bad mood" to a conscious shift to focus on the good, the easier it will be to pull yourself out of a low vibration.

Diet is another way to increase positive vibrations. If you make a delicious meal with natural ingredients and add care and attention into the art of creating the food, you and/or your guests can taste the difference of a "meal made with love" versus a "fast food alternative".

Some other ways to enhance your mood is to try planting an herb garden or growing plants or flowers. The "Terra Firma" of being outside or touching earth and nature has a "grounding and cleansing" aspect. Growing seeds takes a little bit of sun and water but the reward of eating food that you have grown yourself adds an extra impact on any meal you create using the fruits of your labor!

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