Awesome Rustic Slab Furniture

There are some types of furniture that will look good pretty much anywhere, and this might just be one of those pieces. This Awesome Rustic Slab Furniture, would fit in any decor whether it is the most rustic decor, or the slab furniture would fit nicely into even the more modern newer houses, with the clean lines and sharp edges. It would create a good juxtaposition for the sometimes cold lines of modern architecture and bring in some warmth of nature. That is always nice, to mix the two, contemporary and rustic, it brings a playfulness to the room like no other.

These sets from Bridgat, are just gorgeous, all hand made in Shelocta Pennsylvania, in the United States, the craftsmanship is just so awesome on these pieces of furniture. From small benches and small stools, to a full on dining room table with seating for 8 people, they seem to make a wide variety of things! I love the slab table on the pin legs, it just makes this natural, rustic table top, look so modern and chic, with the bench seating that extends all the way down the table, this is just a wonderful set that would look great in any dining room or even a restaurant!

Logs make great furniture that will last a lifetime, or even more than your lifetime! These will stand the test of time, and give your family years of enjoyment around the table, laughing and sharing stories. The wood is such a nice material to eat off of, so natural and earthy. Always a great choice for any interior decorating. The company is called Around the Bend Woodworks, such a great name too! The artist also creates hand carved crosses, barstools, and cafe doors! He ships nation wide too by fright and ships smaller things by UPS. Head over to 'Bridgat' by following the link in the section below!

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