Big Wall Rock Climbing Without A Rope In Yosemite

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People, what do you think about rock climbing? “Dude, it's fun and awesome!” “Yeah! There's no question. It's one of the most incredible sports ever!” “I got nothing more to say. Rock climbing just takes me to a paradise.” I love what all of you think about rock climbing! It certainly is one of the best sports activities to enjoy. Also, it could be just a tiny bit ... dangerous. Well, have you tried rock climbing without a rope? *silence* “I think I'll just stay at the base.” “I'm good with hiking I guess.” “Really? Who rock climbs without a rope anyway?!” I know some brave rock climbers. I'm here to share. *winks*

I'll be damned if you don't know Dean Potter. He's the 'Harry Potter' in the world of rock climbing. Dean Potter is an American free climber. He is known for his hard and solo ascents. Want to know one of his free climbing escapades? The free climbing in Glacier Point in Yosemite is probably one you shouldn't miss in looking back at his career. No ropes, baby! Dean Potter climbs the rock of Heaven without dependence to anything that might save him from everything that could possibly happen. *silence* Well, me too, Dean. I also like to live dangerously. Another brave soul is Kate Rutherford. Yes, girl power again! *winks* She has just conquered the glass-like rocks of Yosemite Falls. “Shoot! I can't even climb a pole!” High five, buddy! Kate Rutherford does it without any safety stuff. If you look at her photo later, you will definitely feel alarmed or agitated and amazed. You'd say, “Is she some sort of a Spiderwoman? How did she climb through that wall?!” *silence* If she is Spiderwoman, I have to know what spider bit her. I'm going to need it too for my rock climbing madness.

There are many more breathtaking rock climbers who dared climbing without a rope. Just click Matador Network website below and have fun! *winks*

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