Biscuit, The Rock Climbing Dog

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For over thousands of years, Dog has been man's best companion due to their faithful and loyal traits. Humans and dogs can go along very well unlike any other animals. Although these adorable creatures can't talk, they connect to humans emotionally thus create that inseparable bond with each other. Dogs love activities especially outdoor activities, and that is why people who enjoy doing outdoor activities are also dog lovers, which includes climbers.

The friendship between dogs and climbers have shaped stronger than a locking binder. Mountain dogs are everywhere, and when it comes to climbing they are also a deal breaker, and you got to get used to it! If you are travelling with your furry friend it will definitely bring joy throughout your journey and somehow motivate you to move on. Yes, there will be a lot of fearful moments for your dog's safety and whereabouts, but above all you cannot describe the feeling of sharing those beautiful memories with your four-legged, furry best friend. The good news is that one climber has found his four-legged, furry best friend called Biscuit and she is a mountain dog.

According to Tom Kelly, the owner, Biscuit has these little short little toes that are strong and powerful. And that is what made her a good dog climber. Biscuit has a puppy named Felix, which also followed Biscuit's footstep in climbing. Biscuit, the exceptional dog climber founded many dog's route up to D7 on the Fountain sandstone of Eldorado Canyon in Colorado. Both Biscuit and Felix were featured in the sequel to Front Range Freaks titled Return to Sender. Also, Biscuit's course such as Give a Dog a Bone (D6) continue to be an experiment piece for any dogs who are trained to be mountain dogs.

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