Brilliant Ascent on Yosemite

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There is nothing quite as magical, adrenaline-filled, yet peaceful about rock climbing some of the world's most dangerous sheer cliff faces. It truly is an amazing feeling when you finish your climb and feel like the king of the world, especially when the climb is particularly exhausting or dangerous. Most of us are familiar with indoor rock climbing gyms, they have gained a lot of momentum lately and can be found in most towns and cities. These indoor rock climbing gyms are great practice for the truly daredevil climbing feats many pro climbers can perform.

I was fortunate enough to be able to rock climb in Switzerland when I was younger for a Summer school program. Through this amazing experience, I learned how to properly belay someone (using friction on a rope to safely slow a climber's descent), the proper safety procedures to follow, and basic rock climbing terminology. At the time, I was just scaling 50-foot boulders with friends, not the sheer cliff faces most seasoned rock climbers are used to.

I have the utmost respect for the talent and hard work of rock climbers the world over. Trusting only your carabiner and a rope with your life, it is challenging and also life-threatening at some moments. People don't often realize that rock climbers mostly have the illusion of safety because if you fall you still fall the distance between your body and the last fastening you attached to the rock face. Despite the risks, many incredible and brave people continue to push the boundaries of rock climbing by tackling fearsome cliff faces like this awesome ascent in Yosemite.

Now you too can see this amazing Yosemite rock climbing ascent and much more! Please click the link below to the I Love Climbing Facebook website for more amazing photos, as well as the chance to become a "climbing ambassador" at your own local indoor climbing gym!

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