Broken Crayon Candles!

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Crayons can add colors to your life, literally. Partner it with a good candle project and you can easily achieve a colorful and serene surrounding. If you are looking for something to kill time and make your free hours worthwhile, then you must read on to see the kind of productivity and creativity that you could actually be embarking on right now. You no longer have to spend another boring day accomplishing nothing when you can turn your free time to a colorful crayon candle! This is an article on how you could make crayon candles all by yourself.

More than just a DIY project, you could also have some kids involved in this. This is going to be a good bonding session if you already have children. You also would be able to teach them how to recycle, since we encourage that you work on some old crayons that you are thinking of throwing away. You will be inspired to hold off on that idea and make something really cool out of it.

This project is not going to be just for the sake of fun and recycling and killing time. You could actually have something useful after it is finished because once the crayon candles are done; you can have them as a interior dcor for your house. Not just that, but if you happen to make lots of those, then you might just have some business opportunities knocking on your door right there. Dare we say it, yes! You can turn this project into a lucrative income as well.So brace yourself and get ready for a productive day and fun moments with your loved ones doing this project. Check out The San Francisco Globe website below for more details on the step-by-step process on how to make crayon candles.

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