Build A Transportable Pontoon Raft Out Of Old Pallets And 55 Gallon Plastic Drums

Pallets are always advertised, on the web and especially in the DIY community, as an almost miracle solution to any type of project that will improve your interior design and garden or yard decor. Now, we’re about to show you how you can use wood pallets to build your very own pontoon raft! Besides it’s cheaper than a boat, you can get your friends into the whole building process, so all of you could have fun both before and after finishing it.

In the photo tutorial you will see clearly the raft is being put together, step by step. You start by making the outline with pieces of 2 by 4 wood planks. Then, it’s time for fitting all the pallets together and reinforcing the part for standing afterwards. We should mention that in order to complete this DIY project, you will need a bunch of plastic barrels which provide the buoyancy every pontoon needs. The pontoon is not that hard to make and as easy to disassemble and transport. Follow the tutorial provided and you can get a similar fun result! You can even add a simple tent to provide a well-deserved shade on those sunny days.

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