Check Out This 628-square-foot Cabin With Its Unbeatable Rustic Kitchen

When it comes to log house designs, there is everything from the traditional rustic style cabins to the luxury log homes. But when people think of log houses they still may think that that means roughing it. With log cabins, this may be the case, but there are companies like Real Log Homes that build beautiful, weatherproof luxury log homes that are built to current building standards and codes. While there are different codes when it comes to log cabins versus log houses, log cabins can still be made up to the standard building codes. Log home building codes would be the same as a regular full-time residence whereas the log cabin codes might be a little more lenient because they're only used part-time for vacationing. A full-time residence would need to include full insulation and electric, but a part-time recreational cabin wouldn't need to have all of that, and sometimes not even septic or hot water. These would be the log cabins that you would be roughing it in, and it would be much closer to camping.

However, some people like to have the same comforts of home when they're vacationing at the cabin. So they would build a log cabin with every amenity that their regular home has. This log cabin in Chester, California is a great example of a log cabin that has a lot of comfort built into it. Even though the square footage is kept low, they were still able to fit all of the items you would find in a regular home. The exterior of the log cabin is done in the traditional style with rounded scribed logs. This is where each of the logs is carefully fit to the log beneath it so that they are airtight resulting in a weatherproof home. The home is so welcoming too with the great porch that leads into the entrance way of the cabin. The trusses and beams make a strong architectural statement that makes the smaller cabin look quite substantial. The interior of the cabin is 628 square feet which is a really nice size for a recreational log house, and the log house designs fit everything the owners need inside the space. The cabin features high-end touches like the granite countertops and even two ovens with a large fridge. The interior of the home looks like some of the log home building projects that are being built to be a full-time residence which shows us that anything is possible in these designs.

Through the front door, there is a nice, open living space with a living room area and a dining room area. The kitchen is also right by the front entrance as well. There's one bathroom on the main floor of the home which is the only bathroom in the home, but it does feature a toilet hooked up to septic which is always nicer than having to run to an outhouse. There is one bedroom on the main floor as well which is a nice size. Plus, because of the ceiling height in this log house design, there is also a loft space that could also be used as another sleeping space or as a storage or office space. This cabin could also make a very nice full-time home for someone who doesn't mind living smaller too. You can find plenty of other log house designs from Real Log Homes as well as packages you can purchase to get started on building your own log house or cabin. It helps to see photos and floor plans like this too so you can get a better idea of what you'd like.***

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