Chocolate Bourbon Butterscotch Icebox Cake

If you're looking for the perfect dessert to impress someone, then this Chocolate Bourbon Butterscotch Icebox Cake is just what you need. Doing this right will win anyone's heart! Seriously, this dessert will get anyone hooked on your baking, if they find out that you can perfect it! This cake is ideal for any parties, especially if you're planning to throw a formal one with all the guys wearing suits and the ladies in their cocktail dress. It's going to be one classy evening if you add this dessert to the dinner table.

But first, let us give you some information about this so-called icebox cake. In the UK, its known as the zebra cake, while in Australia its called the chocolate ripple cake or log. It has some stripes going on because it was divided into many layers of chocolates, so thats probably why the British named it after the animal zebra. Basically, its a dessert known for having whipped cream with chocolate wafers. The Famous Chocolate Wafers from Nabisco are often used along with the whip cream, as they are joined to stick together forming a number of layers.

After mixing and layering all the ingredients, this will then be placed in the refrigerator overnight. That is why they call it icebox. As soon as the wafers get a hold of the moisture coming from the whipped cream and you start taking slices from it, we can tell you as early as now that youll also start believing in heaven in case you dont before. Ideally, this should be cut in slices around 45 degrees; this is so youll see the layers of chocolates that are present in every slice. In case you cant find the dark Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, you can always use other types of cookies.

One last interesting information about this dessert is that it was during the First World War, when it came to the United States. It wasnt until the 1920's when it became so famous that people created premixed ingredients for it.

Now, going back to this recipe were sharing, the ingredients are pretty much the same as the traditional one like cornstarch, milk, eggs, butter, dark brown sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract, chocolate wafer, whipped cream and a pinch of salt. The only thing added here is a quarter cup of bourbon.

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