Coron Underwater Rock Climbing

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You've heard of rock climbing, but have you ever heard of underwater rock climbing? Neither did we until we saw this video! Imagine scaling a rock wall while completely submerged in water. And wow, some of those rocks look pretty jagged at the top!

These divers are making their way up to the surface of Lake Barracuda, one of Coron's most popular tourist attractions. Named after a very large Barracuda that supposedly found its way there from the ocean and got trapped, this area is of great interest to divers because of its dramatic thermoclines, or changes in water temperature. Apparently, some layers consist of cold salt water while others consist of warm fresh water that can go above 37 degrees Celsius. Wet suits are not even necessary after a certain point, because of the extreme shift in temperature. Helioclines are also visible here, where you can actually see where salt and fresh water meet, because of the differences in density, creating an illusion that you're coming out of the water when really you're just entering another layer!

Salt water and fresh water fish co-exist side by side, and some say there's a 30m cave somewhere within the depths, but one must be well-trained and well-prepared to explore it.

Lake Barracuda is available for diving all year long. Embedded in the crater of an ancient volcano, it's a fantastic location but it's not for the faint of heart! It's a small but very deep lake, accessible by boat and then a tricky climb down a limestone cliff that drops off into the water.

Maybe these guys have found another way to reach it by taking an underwater route? Perhaps they're following the Barracuda!

Coron is a beautiful tropical island and a popular tourist destination located in the province of Palawan in the Philippines.

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