Creative Ways to Re-Use an Old or Broken Garden Hose

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There's nothing in this world that can last for a lifetime. Like garden hoses, at some point they get leaky and break. But hey, no need to throw them away because you can reuse them in different ways.

Here are some creative ideas on what you can make out of those old garden hoses. To make a wreath, just loop the hose into a wreath and use zip ties to keep it in a circular shape. Once you have your wreath formed, get creative and decorate!

A new drip watering system can be costly but by reusing with your old garden hose you can certainly save money. Start off by drilling more holes into that already leaky or old hose. Once you're satisfied with the number of holes, attach it to a regular hose with a plastic couple that has two female receptors. Using a plastic end cup, seal the end of your soaker hose. Place it next to plants or you can bury it in a shallow trench. Adjust the water flow to a trickle pay attention to the amount of time you have your soaker hose on so you don't over water. You now have a low cost new watering system.

Another idea is to turn a garden hose to a basket! This would be a pretty fun item to collect your garden harvest. You only need zip ties in this wonderful creation. Just clean the hose and be sure to drain out any water inside. Curl the end part and secure it with zip ties up until you create the base. No need to cut it, just curl it upwards onto the last curl of the base to create the basket wall. Lastly, make a loop to create the handle.

Have you got any other ideas that could be used reuse your old garden hoses?

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