Cute Little Wooden House

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For many log cabins and log cottages take them back to childhood, and summer time vacations, a place where they spent time with the family or for some a memory of summer camps with friends. This "Cute Little Wooden House," is the perfect summer getaway to enjoy some time away.

This one room premium log cabin at Anderson Camp, is a quaint little wooden cabin that features one set of bunk beds in the same room as a full bed. The tiny cabin has a toilet, sink, lights, a ceiling fan and electrical outlets, and would be suitable for one to four people, at $55 night. Anderson Camp is located on the Snake River Plateau in south Central Idaho near Twin Falls, close to a 300 foot canyon through which the Snake River flows. This high desert setting, has a mild four season climate that allows all sites to have grass and trees in a park like setting that is surrounded by irrigated farmland.

Anderson camp has over 100 campgrounds for RVs, tents, and cabins. This beautiful location has over 300 sunny days per year, plus a great central location in the Northwest transportation corridors making them a great place to stay for a night, week or month. Some of the places you can stay at this place include one room basic cabins, two room basic cabins and one room premium cabins. Anderson Camp has lots of amenities from 18 hole mini golf, free wifi, a 100 foot waterslide and geothermal pools, a convenience store, shade and fruit trees, a laundromat, snack bar and cafe and pavilion. There is lots to do here, it's a great place to take the family and enjoy a little vacation.

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