Discover the Perfect Medium for Preserving Your Food the Old-Fashioned Way

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Beforehand, people had the capacity to freeze or can their food and smoking was used to aid preserve a meat. If you want to preserve your food without using chemicals and un-natural artificial preservatives, building yourself a smokehouse is an old fashioned and natural way of accomplishing exactly this. This charming and rustic do it yourself project is fantastic for the journeyman craftsman and will get you ready for the fall season.

Your garden fresh fruits and vegetables will be made ready for a long winter of enjoyment. The organics of nourishing your body with non-store bought preserves is a time honoured way of keeping in good health and maintaining your connection to nature. This is not actually the most simple project an apprentice craftsman may have, but with the due amount of diligence and patience; this is a project that anyone with a bit of woodworking skill will be definitely able to accomplish.

You need to prepare the tools and supply the following:

- 20 to 30 pallets

- 2 1/2 and 1 1/4 inch screws; it must be a good outdoor screw.

- Aluminum flashing

- Heavy duty tin foil

- Corrugated tin for roof for about 4' by 3' in size.

- Roll of aluminum screen

- Hinges (3)

- Handle for door

- Drill gun ideally a cordless one.

- Drill bits of 1/8 bit and countersink bit

- Reciprocal saw with bi-metal blade

- Measuring tape/ utility knife

- Metal/tin snips

- Skill saw/ table saw

- Staple gun

- Safety glasses and work gloves.

You will need to have a good number of crafting tools and there are quite a few supplies to acquire, but we have found a wonderful tutorial that will guide you every step through each part of building your own smokehouse. We hope you enjoy it! Find the complete tutorial here.

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