Do You Love Pizza? Why Not Bake It Every Day in Your Own Homemade Oven?

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Who doesn't love pizza?! I know I do! It is not as unhealthy as some people think it is either, especially when it is made in the traditional way. With fresh ingredients and by hand, you know exactly what is going into it and what you want on it. The very basic ingredients that go into making the dough, the sauce and the cheese are not very unhealthy especially if you make them fresh yourself or buy them from a local place. Then, if you can put all the fresh ingredients together to make a pizza, and you have a fire heated oven to cook it in at the perfect temperature, than you are all set to make as many pizzas as your heart desires!

Neapolitan style pizzas are making waves in North America and every one seems to be loving them! There are so many great places and restaurants you can go to eat these bites of heaven, but if you want to try your hand at making it at home, you need a much higher heat than a normal house hold oven can usually provide. So that is where this handy article comes in, showing you with photos some one else's step by step of building their own back yard pizza oven!! How awesome is that?! I have been to some one's house who had one of these and it was a real treat to make our own calzones from scratch and then cook them ourselves. It was so delicious and such a blast to make them all together! I have friends who are chefs at top Neapolitan pizza places and I love going in and ordering my favourite, the funghi pizza a yummy pizza with mushrooms... so good! And so fresh!

Eating pizza is not an unhealthy habit, and definitely not an obscene one like many would like to suggest. The benefits and hazards of eating pizza depends a lot on what ingredients has the pizza you're going to consume for lunch or dinner. But besides all of this debate, there is the simple pleasure of making your own pizza and eating it with your family and friends. For this result to be the best, a pizza oven will definitely prove quite useful. Building your own pizza oven might seem like a great challenge at first, but when you see how a DIY project like this is completed, you will be eager to try it in your own yard. In similarity with bread-making ovens, this type of construction is designed and built with materials that are resistant to fire.

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