Dog Has His Heart in it, But Just Can't Catch

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If you are in need of some humour today then here is a great funny video for you! This Dog Has His Heart in it, but just can't catch any of the food that his owner is throwing his way! It is so funny because he just keeps missing time and time again no matter what the food is. And his owner is throwing some pretty tasty foods that dogs are usually not supposed to or allowed to eat a whole portion of, so it makes it even more funny that he had his chance at taking down a whole hot dog or taco in one bite, but his reflexes are just a touch off so he ends up missing pretty much every time.

Fritz, the golden retriever has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last while, after his owner posted this video of him trying to catch the food in his mouth, it quickly went viral, now having almost 6 million views on You Tube! It's not surprising though considering so many people love dogs and connect with other humans through their dogs and their fondness for the canine pets. Through this video, there was also, of course, as with anything people put out on the internet, a lot of controversy about what food the owner was choosing to throw out for his pet. People were appalled at the fact that he was throwing out donuts and hot dogs, things most people wouldn't even think of giving their dog a morsel of. But the owner assures people that he doesn't give him food like that all the time, only for this funny video was it done at this scale and then he picked it up before the dog could eat it off the ground. Some others were concerned about the dog's eye sight but the owner also assures viewers that it has been checked and is totally fine.

Check it out for yourself by following the link in the description below to the 'DogChannel'!

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