Escher: The Newest Tiny House Masterpiece from New Frontier

When it comes to tiny house design, New Frontier Tiny Homes brings a lot of luxury into their tiny house designs. This company is in the US, and they have a passion for creating practical and extremely stylist tiny houses on wheels. While the tiny house movement is a lot to do with necessity, why not make the space really amazing by adding in higher-end fixtures, features and appliances? A luxury tiny house on wheels will cost more than a budget tiny house build, so they are perfect for those who are downsizing but also have the budget to implement more luxury items. In many tiny houses, people would just stick to the basics, a shower, composting toilet, a convection oven and even recycled materials to make their build more affordable. With luxury tiny house design, bathtubs are added into the floorplan as well as full sized, high-quality appliances to make small house living easier. It's all about making the space work for the inhabitants so they can still live their life as they would in a larger home or condo just in a compact size. That's why it's really important for people to consider the items they want to have in their tiny house the most to make small house living as comfortable as possible.

This tiny house design from the company is their newest design, and it's called The Escher. Built on a gooseneck trailer, the home has a little bit of extra space to fit a bedroom with extra ceiling height than it would have in a loft area. The bedroom is just steps up from the kitchen area with stairs that pull out from the wall. The home has the signature feature of New Frontier Tiny Homes, which is the amazing built-in roll-up garage door, which their other models have as well. In this model, there's also a large sliding glass door parallel to the garage door which really opens the entire space up even more. Think beautiful summer nights with two patios on either side which could extend the living space to the outdoors. Also similar to their other tiny house designs, this tiny house features an elevated kitchen with some surprise items hidden beneath. The galley kitchen features a full sized fridge and a large commercial style gas range on the countertop. This would be a wonderful kitchen to make meals in, and the dishwasher and large farmhouse-style sink would make for easy cleanup. They've also included an all in one laundry unit that will wash and dry clothes all in one which are very popular in tiny houses now.

In the bedroom that's right beside the kitchen, there's a bed that fits perfectly into the space with windows surrounding. The sliding doors close the bedroom off for privacy as well which would be pretty important. The bed even lifts up to reveal storage space for clothes and accessories which makes for a great incognito closet space. The storage space in New Frontier Tiny Homes is always on point, and they also implement hidden dining furniture into their designs. In the centre of the home, the living room area can turn into a full-on dining space that can seat up to 6 people comfortably. There are pieces of wooden furniture that fold out to be tables, pull out to be benches and block seating and ultimately create a super intimate and inviting dining area. Beyond the living room area, there is plenty more to discover in the Escher including the lovely bathroom with tiled shower and even a kid's bedroom area as well. Check out all of the photos of this incredible design and more on the company's website.***

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