Excalibur The World's Tallest Freestanding Climbing Wall

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Rock climbing has been gaining popularity for many years and freestanding outdoor walls tend to pop up for climbing enthusiasts to try their skills with man made challenging routes. Excalibur, The World's Tallest Freestanding Climbing Wall is certainly designed to impress!

So just how impressive is The Excalibur? This monumental climbing wall is structured in Groningen, Holland and is quickly becoming the go to destination for anyone excited about the sport of rock climbing. At 121 feet tall it's an engineering feat that is kept firmly intact by over 500 tonnes of foundation material. Climbers can scale this architectural wonder without concern of safety and as the days pass more and more avid climbers are following suit to take in the experience.

The Excalibur was the brainchild of the world famous climbing centre Bjoeks, which is located near Groningen. At the centre, climbers can experience challenging routes up the face of indoor walls and there is something for everyone. Whether you're a novice climber or advanced this epic climbing centre is designed to satisfy. The climbing centre is amazing no doubt, having said that the real jewel is The Excalibur. It seems The Excalibur calls out and a constant pilgrimage of climbers continue to arrive from around the world. Nearly endless route options with outstanding overhangs, 90 degree edges and even 5 unique climbable sides. If you're a climber you want to be able to say you've mastered this wall!

It's interesting to note that Bjoerks Climbing Centre was born of humble beginnings, just a couple of climbers who were passionate about the sport and had a genuine desire for something spectacular in their area. Breaking ground in 1968, the adventure into what is now a world class climbing centre was anything but easy. So after 50 plus years to see thousands of climbers coming from all over the globe we are reminded that vision and hard work really can pay off.

Excalibur is very clearly a giant in the world of climbing and the number of visitors continue to grow annually, showing no signs of slowing down.

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