FlowerPot Cake. Dirt for Dessert!!


1 chocolate cake

4 cups chocolate pudding

2 cups chocolate sandwich style cookies, crushed

6 gummy worms (or desired amount)

1⁄8 cup chocolate, rock candies. 1 silk plant and 1 clean planter


Assembly -- Make sure everyone is out of the way! Watch the video: https://youtu.be/iw0FN3eH3mM.

1. Layer pieces of cake, spoonfuls of pudding, sprinkles of cookie and gummy worms, here and there in the planter.

2. When you reach the top of the planter, sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies on the top, covering the entire surface.

3. Place a few rocks on top of the crushed cookies and insert your plant or flower into the cake.

Now you're ready to set your 'plant' on the table or a nearby counter so it'll be ready for an after dinner surprise!

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