Get Rid of Neck Pain Once and for All – with Your Own Homemade Laptop Riser

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For home-based workers who have to face their laptops for eight hours, we're all in this together. Yes, it's 'we' – because that includes ME. *winks* I feel you guys! Anyway, we all have the same problem in this convenient style of working and workplace, and that is neck pain. Imagine sitting there, writing and doing whatsoever for how many hours. “Just imagining it gives me the pain in the... neck.” See? Even right now, writing this article is a struggle for my back. And hey, we just can't let this pain win over us! We need to do something, fellas! But Isavedalex from Instructables has already done something to cure this problem. Let's find out what he did, shall we? *winks*

Isavedalex has created a pallet wood laptop raiser. He makes this laptop raiser for the same reason: neck pain. “The idea for this project came from a pain in my neck. I found that working for long periods of time on my laptop sitting down at a desk was causing me to adopt a very bad posture which turned to neck ache. So I decided to try and make something that would raise my laptop screen to a level that I could stare at for prolonged periods of time with no pain,” Isavedalex says. Clearly, we are one country on this one. *winks* And clearly, Isavedalex saves us all.

“What are the materials needed to make thus pallet wood laptop raiser?” We're going to need pallet wood of course. *smiles* No pallet woods, no laptop raiser, pal. Additional materials are rubber mallet (to break up the pallet), circular saw, Orbital Sander and grit 60, 180 and 240 pads, variety of clamps, pencil, set square, drill with 8mm bit, Dowel master or dowel kit, wood varnish, and paint brush to apply varnish.

Excited for you own pallet wood laptop raiser? “Very! I can't wait to have it right now!” Same here, amigo! Now, let's click Instructables website below and make our own! *winks*

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