Girl Ascends to Rock-Climbing Royalty

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Rock climbing is a known activity for extreme sports enthusiasts. The sport is of course littered with men (what sport isn't?) but has an impressive amount of strong female climbers as well. But today, we would like you to get familiar with a girl who broke the record for climbing the Open Your Mind Direct rock in Spain in just 10 minutes. Her name is Ashima Shiraishi and she is from New York. The shocking part is that she is only 13 years old! We can't help but get goose bumps from this kind of success.

For those who have witnessed her climb, they were holding their breath as she dangled upside down for a minute, but then she kept going with her hands tight on the rock like a lizard. She pulled herself up using a finger, jumping from a crack to find balance at an overhanging cliff. That was intense! She has arguably accomplished the hardest and technically most difficult rock-climbing mission ever done by a girl.

This isn't her first time to engage in this kind of activity because she obviously has been climbing walls and rocks at Central Park in Manhattan since she was only 7 years old. Conquering Open Your Mind Direct has made her very happy. She couldn't contain the happiness she felt after successfully breaking this record for her age. She announced her victory on her Instagram account saying, OMG!!! and seriously, we have the same reaction.

It was one tough climb to conquer in the Northeast part of Spain and a 13-year-old girl did it. This story is more than just inspiring to reach for your goals in life and continue to believe that nothing is impossible as long as you focus and put your heart in it.

To learn more about the story of this brave climber, check out the website The Guardian below.

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