Have You Ever Wondered What Would the Aliens Actually Look Like?

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Have you ever wondered how aliens look like? Look at the mirror (evil laugh), just kidding! Aliens are small individuals approximately three to five feet tall. Their heads are larger than humans and their skin color differs from gray, beige or tan. Their eyes are larger than humans and has the capability to polarize light.

Their mouths were small in size with small teeth that has the ability to eat finely processed synthetic food. They have two small nostrils for breathing and small opening of ears for hearing. Take note that aliens do have sensitive hearing capability. They only have four fingers in their hands excluding thumb and no fingernails. They have thin legs making them walk like struggling but they have the ability to float using an anti-gravity technology.

You might ask how they travel? Is it really true they have spacecrafts? Well, those so called Traders use spacecraft like we have seen in a science fiction TV shows. They have the potential to travel almost instantly from one place to another and classified as contactees. Nonetheless, there are also the so called travelers which are also aliens that are allowed to travel with them. Majority of them has the ability to travel between any planets but never between stars. You might wonder how does it happen? It's like, these beings focus on a certain given point in space and basically pull the space towards them like attaching a rubber band. Once the rubber band is released they are already in the desired spot abruptly. Does it sound amazing? Actually, its very intriguing! What if humans has the ability to do that too? Where exactly on earth you'll gonna go? It sounds creepy, but that's how aliens do!