Here's a List of Natural First-Aid Remedies That Every Parent Should Know About

Even when you are practicing healthy living, there are still times when our bodies get worn down, or we mildly injure ourselves and need something to help us. Here are some great items that you can use in your family's very own Natural First Aid & Illness Kit. We all get scraped up a little bit now and then, but instead of reaching for the neosporin, there are some very healing medicinal plants right from nature that can assist our bodies in a more natural way. Plants that grow in nature are much more in sync with our natural body chemistry than those of artificial chemicals. They can work their magic and usually won't cause any adverse side effects. A natural first aid kit is something everyone who is practicing natural healthy living should have at their disposal and use first before using any chemical treatments. The natural treatments will be safe and gentle for children too, and maybe a better option for the more sensitive kids out there. So write down some of the positive life tips from Wellness Mama and get your own natural first aid and illness kit started.

Natural remedies have been being used forever. People experimented with plants and communed with them to understand their healing properties and the benefits they had to offer humans. There were and still are many medicine men and women who dedicate their entire lives to natural plant medicine and delivering it to the people in their community or tribe. Most indigenous tribes have medicine wisdom that is passed on to the younger people in their tribes to be carried on and used. These days, the power of natural medicine has been reaching more of the main stream majority of people, and everyone is having the chance to see just how incredible plant medicine can be. There are thousands of plants that are ready to be used as salves, teas, healing essential oils, tinctures and supplements. People can now become naturopaths which is a holistic and natural healing doctor that will use all natural remedies to help the patient instead of modern medicine. The natural plant medicine is sometimes referred to as 'alternative medicine' , but it is thought that it should be something that is taught to us as a primary way of living.

These healthy living tips are wonderful whether you are just starting your first natural first aid and illness kit, or whether you already have some items in your medicine cabinet. There is no time like the present to start one up. These positive life tips and natural remedies from Wellness Mama are simply awesome. She has really compiled a great list of wonderful healing remedies that can be readily found in a pharmacy in the natural remedies section or at a health food store. In this list there are herbs like chamomile which is great for calming and soothing, as well as aiding in sleep. She also lists arnica, which is a great healing remedy for sore muscles as well as echinacea which is great for colds and flu viruses. Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful health food as well that is always great to have on hand, its good for the digestive system.

Thank you so much to Katie, the author of Wellness Mama, for this great compilation of healthy living tips for the Natural First Aid & Illness Kit. This is some really great information that everyone can use. Make sure you check out more of Katies' great natural health information on her beautiful and informative website.*

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