Home Remedies for Black Spots on Your Face

These Home Remedies for Black Spots on Your Face are natural remedies that you may already have in your kitchen. Many people suffer from black spots or dark patches on their faces. The good news is there are natural remedies to help easily lightened or eliminate these problem areas to have glowing skin again. A reason for these dark spots and patches may be due to the excess secretion of melanin on the skin. Some common factors that can lead to this skin condition include over exposure to the sun, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, certain medications, vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep and too much stress. Quick and easy natural remedies can be found in your kitchen or your nearest grocery store with things like lemon juice, buttermilk, oats and almonds. Lemons have vitamin C that can help lighten dark spots on your face and it super easy to apply.

Lemons are a good natural remedy for a variety of things. For dark spots on the skin, you can use this natural remedy by putting some fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and then rub it directly on the affected skin area. Then allow it to dry and wash it off with plain water. For this natural remedy, you will want to continue applying to the dark spot for at least two weeks to get the desired skin result. Lemons are also a natural remedy if you have delicate or sensitive skin, if you need a good way to freshen bad breath, they also help to boost your energy and help fight off viral infections. The list of healthy benefits and natural remedies from using lemons is long. Lemons are a good ingredient to always to have in your kitchen for use in all sorts of recipes. Lemons not only taste good, but they are good for your health. The juice of a lemon can be added to recipes along with their rind for good results. You will find lemons used in a wide variety of drink recipes, food recipes, lemonade recipes, cocktail recipes, dessert recipes and more.

Almonds are another all natural remedy for dark skin spots that you may have in your pantry. To use just take some almonds and soak Take them in milk overnight. In the morning peel off the almond skin and grind them up. Then add some sandalwood powder and some honey and mix the natural remedy into a fine paste. Then apply to the dark spots on your face and leave on for approximately thirty minutes and wash off. Oats are another natural remedy for dark spots on the skin; this is because they are considered good for skin exfoliation. You can apply a mask made of oatmeal on your face and neck to remove dead skin and black spots. The addition of oats to a recipe helps to make that recipe that much more healthy. To use oats on the face just grind up some oats. Then add some lemon juice to make a paste. Next, scrub the natural remedy on your skin and wash it off with warm water when it dries. This natural remedy can get a bit messy if it does just use a clean cloth that has been soaked in warm water to remove the mask. Follow this natural remedy once or twice a week.

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