Honest-To-God Confessions Of Horse Owners

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What we do not know is that there are people who spent most of their days at the barn, drank water out of the hose, took a bath in wash stall, plunged their shirts in gutter or container before placing them back again and slept on staple trunks while covered in coolers or half sheets. Below are the confessions of all committed barn sins that will surprise you:

One night I slept in my Irideon tights, and I loved it. It is so comfortable that, at the moment, I feel like it is the same with a soccer mom's yoga pants.

-KATHERINE BUTLER, Sharpsburg, Ga.

I once five-second-ruled a peanut butter cup off the floor of my trailer. And it fell into a not-so-clean spot. But it was surely a very long, tiring day, oh chocolate.

-JESS HAYWORTH, Mystic, Conn.

I fell asleep in a comfy chair while holding my horse with a lead rope waiting for the farrier. And the horse fell asleep too! After an hour, we both woke up, and the farrier was not there. King never moved.

-ADRIANE LEIGH MEEUS, Brush Prairie, Wash.

I once tried out a little of my horse's Cowboy Magic Detangler in my hair, and my hair turned into an oil slick.


I have tried each treat I have given my horse and that includes her grain. But the apple oatmeal horse cookies truly smell better than the taste.

-JILL LOWE, Germantown, Ohio

I stole the horses' shampoo (Orvus). It is now in the shower for human hair.

-KATE URRY, Bremo Bluff, Va.

On one hot day, I wondered what it would be like to immerse my body into my horse's huge, fresh water container. Then I did it and it felt awesome!

-LYNN TATENBAUM, Oakland, Calif.

One day I forgot to bring a bottle of water with me to do the barn errands and I drank water from the horse's bucket when nobody was watching.


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