Cabin In The Forest For Sale

This beautiful wood cabin in the forest was custom built in 2010 with two master suites divided by a spacious great room that features a floor to ceiling, beautiful rock-faced fireplace. The kitchen i ... read more

Cataloochee Cabin Is A Rustic Dream Come True

The Cataloochee Log Cabin was created when the Merrill family retired on a piece of land out in the country in Tennessee. What a perfect place to call home sweet home in a little rustic log cabin in ... read more

Mountain Cabin Made Of Stone And Wood Is A Truly Unique Marvel Of Creative Design

You'll want to take a look inside this beautifully design mountain wood cabin made of stone and wood. The cabin building is a unique creative design, that was built by TKP Architects out of Golden, Co ... read more

This Tiny House Looks Like A Shell. The Inside - Check it out...

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a tiny house design that changes your perception of small house living. Because of their sustainability, there are all sorts of unique small house p ... read more

This A-Line Tiny House Looks Like It’s Straight From A Fairytale.

There is nothing quite like this adorable, unique small house plans that looks like it stepped right out of a fairytale. This whimsical tiny cabin design was built by a man who loves the rustic style. ... read more

This Earthy Tiny House Only Cost $300 Because He Did THIS…Incredible!

Tiny houses are built out of a variety of building materials. You'll find tiny house designs built out of reclaimed building materials, unused grain silos, crumbled castles and one is even made out of ... read more

This Futuristic Tiny House Takes Off-The-Grid Living To The Absolute Extreme

This tiny house design is like nothing you've seen before. The futuristic, unique small house plan was designed by Nice Architects who have invented the tiny house design of the future. This egg-shape ... read more

This Amazing Tiny House Has One Of The Most Bizarre Shapes ... Have A Look

Both members and prospective members of the small house movement are always eager to check out new tiny house plans. Micro homes come in all different shapes and styles. One thing that remains consist ... read more

This Bubbly Tiny House Looks Gorgeous But Then I Saw The Inside And… WOW!

If you love tiny houses as much as everyone else, you're going to love seeing this bright and colourful tiny house on wheels. Do you ever consider living in a tiny house yourself or imagine what it m ... read more

This Tiny House Looks Like a Giant Puzzle – I Was Shocked!

Do you love to travel and explore new places? If so, you might also love booking accommodations through Airbnb. It's such a great website that links people to homeowners and renters who have an extr ... read more

Man Crawls Inside Ordinary-Looking Dumpster To Reveal An Incredible Tiny House

Small house living has been really catching on these days, and people are finding the most creative ways to go about it. Whether it's a tiny house on wheels, in a tree or on the ground, there's so ... read more

From the Inside, This Tiny House Feels Huge

The Salish is just one of the tiny house designs that you will find in Wildwood Cottages, a new development of lakefront vacation homes on Lake Whatcom, in Washington state. The Salish is a 399-square ... read more

The Way They Are Using Wood For Home Decor Is Jaw Dropping!

Adding some natural elements to your home design is always great for bringing in warmth and natural beauty. Wood is one of the best materials to use for not only building projects, but also for decor ... read more
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