20 Unusual Tricks You Should Start Teaching Your Dog Today

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Pets Have their Fur trimmed to Make their Heads Square or Circular as Part of Bizarre New Trend in Taiwan

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Does Your Dog Really Miss You When You're Gone?

Does your dog really miss you when you are gone? Because our dogs don't actually speak to us in words it is hard for us to know for certain. We learn more by their behavior. Scientists and researchers ... read more

If You See Your Pet Doing THIS, Call Your Vet Immediately!

Some times when our pets are hurt and need help they can't really show us in ways that we understand what might be going on with them. They obviously can't talk to us and tell us what is wrong, so the ... read more

9 Really Dangerous Pets

Owning an aquarium with tropical fish seems like it would be a quiet, hazard-free hobby but don't be fooled! Sometimes distinguishing between cuteness and dangerous is not an easy task. You think that ... read more

Showjumping Rabbits! OMG COOL!

We have heard of dog shows and horses doing amazing things in the racetrack, but we're pretty sure you haven't heard of rabbits doing some cool tricks! Brace yourselves for some fur ball action coming ... read more

The 15 Cutest Baby Animals Ever Photographed. Ever.

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Owners of Barking Dogs Ordered to Pay $238,900

It's not uncommon to have those moments where you hear your neighbors dog barking at what seems to be nothing. When the barking continues and becomes excessive it can mean trouble, in the State of Or ... read more

12 Underwater Photos of Dogs Fetching Their Ball

Gums, teeth, tongue and water. Splash, crash, thrash, water! Streams of light trickling in, the glow of sunshine sparkling. Man's or woman's best friend, it is said, takes another great leap into the ... read more

15 Dogs Who Would Like To Have A Word With Their Owners About A Haircut

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15 Furry Animals Who Will Give You Serious Hair Envy

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24 Cats And Dogs That Came Back From The Groomer Looking A Little...Different

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Voices of Rare 'Talking' Turtles May Prevent Their Extinction

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16 Pictures of The Cutest Guinea Pigs in this World

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29 Animals Who Are Way Too Tired To Find A Place To Sleep. #3 Just Couldn't Help Himself

Did you ever have those moments when you are just too tired to go to your room that you just sleep wherever your body is at the moment? Animals too just sometimes cannot stay awake! Let's have our pet ... read more

Dear Human: A Letter From Your Cat

We all love our little pets, and cohabiting with them is like living with any roommate, sometimes it can be a love hate relationship. It's easy to know how your fellow flat mates feel about you, becau ... read more

33 Photos Of Corgi Butts

Welcome to the Internet's finest curated gallery of small, firm, hairy buttocks. If you did not reach this page by searching for those keywords, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Best known as Qu ... read more

Research Shows Letting Pets Stay in Same Bed as Owners Diminishes Sleep Quality

During the 28th annual meeting of the Association Professional Sleep Societies, there was an indication that those people who shared beds with their pets for four nights or more have the tendency to h ... read more

Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs

The saying "dogs are man's best friend" has been around forever. N ... read more

DIY Spin Out Game For Dogs

If you have dogs, it's obvious that you need to give them plenty of exercise if you want them to stay happy and healthy. What some people sometimes forget about is that dogs also love mental stimulati ... read more

Hot Dog Bed

Now this is the perfect bed for a little pup! Especially a wiener dog! This little bed looks just like a hot dog bun with a smiling face on it and relish dripping over the sides. You can't help but th ... read more

Ten Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats!

It's the age-old argument – are cats better than dogs, or are dogs superior when it comes to a live-in companion? Over at Pets 4 Homes, they've given us 10 reasons why dogs make the best pets – here ... read more

Incredibly Cute Animal Pictures

Lets face it. Everyone gets sad and has bad days. Sometimes it's a bad day at work, major trauma has happened within your life, or your significant other broke up with you. Everyone tells you when you ... read more

10 adorable pets with their tiny doubles

There's a reason why the pet care industry is a massive market, because there is no secret that people love their pets. They will buy them all sorts of treats, toys, clothes, and other things to spoil ... read more

The Richest Pets In The World

It is no secret many wealthy people walk this earth, while others are starving and either begging on the streets or needing to walk many long miles in search of clean water. This is a reality we face ... read more

Top 20 Smartest Dog Breeds

Border collies are known as the most intelligent and highly trainable dog breed. Traditionally a working dog from England and Scotland bred for herding, all purebred border collies alive today can be ... read more

They Thought They Adopted A Micro-Pig, But It Was A Scam... That Completely Changed Their Lives

Guys, I would like to remind you that this article is overloaded... overloaded with cuteness! “What do we have here today?” A pig, pal! A very, very, very cute pig! *squeals* I can't even! *don't thin ... read more

28 Adorable And Frightening Animal Mashups From A Parallel Universe

What is the one word you can describe when you mix up the words 'adorable' and 'frightening'? “AWESOME.” “EPIC.” “Are you kidding me? It's MAJESTIC!” You guys are awesome, epic, and majestic! I don't ... read more

These Cats Have No Idea What Is Going On - And Their Reactions Are Beyond Funny

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You Won't Be Able To Stop Laughing At These 19 Pets And Their Twins

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought they could be siblings? Many smile the same, have similar voices, use the same gestures, and dress similarly. You have probably met that couple who at firs ... read more

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