If You Have Gained The Trust of Horse, You Have Won A Friend For Life

"If You Have Gained The Trust of Horse, You Have Won A Friend For Life," for anyone who has owned a horse they know just how beautiful and smart these animals are. With horses being by humans sides f ... read more

Tail Spin Bracelets for Horse Lovers. Each One Tells a Story.

When it comes to horse wisdom, there is one simple solution in life and that is if your "Feeling Down, Saddle Up," it really is as simple as that! There is a special relationship that is shared betwe ... read more

Gone Riding

For anyone who owns a horse the phrase "Gone Riding," is just par for the course in a typical day. Horses who have lived along side humans for thousands of years, are for many a beloved and respected ... read more

So True

This adorable photo of a foal and its mom, has a caption that is "So True." You'll want to see this cute photo, that asks the question why it is that when we run into spider webs, we suddenly turn in ... read more

Unique Markings on this Beauty

You'll want to see the "Unique Markings on this Beauty," who really stands out against all the larger darker colored horses. This amazing horse photo is absolutely stunning with the farm in the back ... read more

The Real Life Horse Whisperer

Wow, this incredibly talented real life "horse whisperer" has such command and grace with horses that it seems unreal! He can literally get his horses to do anything with complete trust in them that h ... read more

Beautiful Underwater Horse Photography

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, as both domesticated horses helping us with everyday life, and as wild feral horses. This "Beautiful underwater horse photography," ce ... read more

The Amazing Diving Horses!

Horses have lived alongside humans for thousands of years, they have been our friends, helped us work the land, and provided us transportation. "The amazing diving horses!" is just one of the amazin ... read more

These Animals Know How To Get Around In Style.

If you enjoy animal memes and humor then this article is for you. Here we have a series of photographs or GIF images where you can clearly see these animals know how to get around in style. As a child ... read more

Meet the Horses who have become Internet Famous and Gone Viral. (Videos)

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, with a variety of beautiful breeds from domestic horses, to wild feral horses to miniature horses. You will want to "Meet the horses w ... read more

Look at the Tiny Miniture Ponies!

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, they have been our friends, at times our transportation, and helped us with certain jobs. A "Look at the tiny miniature ponies!,"are c ... read more

This horse has a Birthmark of a horse! Wow!

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, as our friends, our transportation and animals that do a variety of jobs. "This horse has a birthmark of a horse! Wow!," is an amazing ... read more

American Bashkir Curlies or North American Curly Horses

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, they have helped us work the land, offered a means of transportation and provided therapy for some. These "American Bashkir Curlies or ... read more

Drawing a HORSE in 3D (Anamorphic Speed Painting Video)

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, as our friends, working beside us, and transportation, these amazing animals inspire strength and beauty. This video tutorial on "Draw ... read more

The Stylish Equestrian

There is just something about horses that presents a certain beauty and grace that is not only to do with the horses but the people who ride and care for these majestic animals. "The Stylish equestri ... read more

Most Expensive Horses in the WORLD?! Amazing! Guess how much it costs?!

Horses are amazing and intelligent animals that have played a role within the human culture for millennia. Not only are they used for leisure activities, and for sport and work, but they also provide ... read more

Meet this Horse that is too Posh to Live in the Barn (But His Owner Does!)

Horses and humans share a special bond like no other, especially a horse and its owner, who often rides the animal which takes a special relationship between the two. "Another This horse is too posh ... read more

Omg! These horses have nicer hairstyles then I do! How did they do it?

If you've ever wondered which species has the most gorgeous locks on Earth, ponder no more, that mystery has just been solved! These horses have nicer hairstyles than I can come up with on a good hair ... read more

OMG It is the smallest horse in the world - And the very tall man Shaq O'Neill wants to buy him! I want a tiny pony too!

OMG, how incredible and ironic that one of the tallest men in the world, Shaquille O'Neill, wants to buy the smallest horse in the world, this incredibly cute and darling tiny pony named Einstein whos ... read more

Dappled Stallion by Sydney Grey

It's coloring is unique, interesting and different. The dappled stallion by Sydney Grey is completely custom designed on the online gaming site, Sims 3 and shared on 'My Sims 3 Blog'. 'My Sims 3 Blog' ... read more

Amazing Horse Photography by Olga Itina

All photographers explore a number of different subjects, but eventually all of them gravitate towards a few favorites over time. Some of them prefer nature photography, others go for high fashion, an ... read more

Longest Manes and Tails Ever Recorded On The Same Horse

Its amazing that the longest manes and tails ever recorded on the same horse occurred more than 100 years ago, but the photos are nonetheless mind-boggling! Not only would this horse, whose name is Li ... read more

World's Longest Horse

Whether the photo of the world's longest horse is legit or not, I can't say for certain. Just imagine a horse that can hold 8 children. Pretty crazy right! We have heard of and most of us have seen st ... read more

Sylvester Stallone Thinks This Is The Sexiest Horse Of 2015

Sylvester Stallone thinks this is the sexiest horse of 2015. What makes a sexy horse? Is it a long, luxurious mane flowing in the wind as it gallops along a beach, waves lapping at its hooves? Is it a ... read more

Horse Or Human? Either Way, A+ Side Bangs

People and horses do have something in common, apart from being smart, both usually get to flaunt lovely and lush hair. Here is a series where you are asked if the picture is a "Horse or human?" eithe ... read more

5 Amazing Horse Facts

Horses have long held the imagination and interests of people from all over the world, their beauty and grace are the thing that legends and stories are made of. These "5 Amazing Horse Facts," are an ... read more

An Up Close Look At Horses: Why They Do What They Do And Other Interesting Facts

Book an "In person lecture" with the founder of 'Equine Heritage Institute', Gloria Austin and you will be exposed to an up close look at horses: why the do what they do and other interesting facts. P ... read more

Miniature Horse Is Becoming An Internet Star

Shammy, the miniature horse is becoming an internet star. The 5 month old, 50 pound, 20 inch tall miniature horse is affectionate, loveable and adorable. More like a dog in his loyalty and companionsh ... read more

The 20 Most Beautiful Horses in the World!

Like any other kind of pets whether cats or dogs, horses also can be fun and enjoyable companion. Horses should be handled correctly to be safe and happy, while other pets such as dogs or cats should ... read more

15 Reasons Mini Donkeys Are The Dream Pet You've Never Met

People have a fond affection for horses, and it's a big part of our culture all things to do with these majestic beauties. However, there's another similar animal that gets less attention but might de ... read more

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