She Starts Texting During A Driving Test. Can You Guess What Follows?

More accidents happen every year because of texting and driving. While drinking and driving accidents have been decreasing, the number of accidents that happen because of distracted driving are risin ... read more

Man Gives Up Living As A Human To Be A Goat

Did you hear about the man who gave up living as a human so he could become a goat? No, it's not a joke, it's a true-life trending story on the internet. Thomas Thwaites thought it would be a good ide ... read more

England's Smallest Castle Is For Sale And It Costs No More Than A Mid-Sized Flat In London

You will want to take a look inside this beautiful castle in England that is for sale. This is the chance to live in a fairytale, with Britain's smallest castle up for grabs, and it the castle no more ... read more

Another Pepsi Fuels Phonyness With Kendall Jenner #TheySleep

If you haven't seen the Pepsi commercial that everyone is talking about, you will walk to look. In what was supposed to inspire people, the ad has turned into a social media frenzy. No sooner had Peps ... read more

Archaeologists Announce Discovery Of A 3,700 Year-Old Pyramid In Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists have announced the amazing discovery of a pyramid that is thought to be around 3,700 years old. The pyramid dates back to ancient Egypt's 13th Dynasty. The remains of the pyram ... read more

Learning versus “Doing School”

Find out what it means for a school to be learning versus doing. It is important for school districts across the country to have a shared understanding or definition of what learning is. What sometime ... read more

Meet Freddy: he's over 7-feet tall and is the biggest dog in the world

When you think of giant dogs, you typically think of Great Danes. Famous Great Danes include Marmaduke and Scooby-Doo. We've all seen one or two before and think to ourselves that is one enormous dog. ... read more

Accepted, 8 times over: Ohio quadruplets earn spots at Yale, Harvard

A University education can cost a lot of money for one child, but imagine having four kids go to University all at once. Nick Wade was at his track practice late last week when he found out that he ma ... read more

6 Skills to Become an Influential Leader

When it comes to successful people, there are certain things that people do that get them to the level that they are. Think about the best boss you've ever worked for. There is something they most lik ... read more

This Couple Is Traveling Around The World While Being Paid Up To $9000 Per Picture

This couple has the dream job of a lifetime. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen who met in Fiji last year, are fortunate enough to travel the world, taking photos and getting paid to do it. The couple spen ... read more

Graphene Sieves Could Remove Salt From Water And Make It Drinkable

Science is amazing. And in this trending video, you will see how scientists are using graphene in new and exciting ways. Scientists in trending news have demonstrated how a graphene sieve could be use ... read more

Check This Box if You're a Good Person

Rebecca Sabky is a former admissions director at Dartmouth. And when she used to give college information sessions at high schools, she was used to being swarmed by students. Usually, as soon as her l ... read more

Wanted: space volunteers willing to lie in bed for two months – and get PAID!

If you are a non-smoking male between the ages of 20 to 45 and in good health, there is a job opportunity you might be interested in. French scientists studying microgravity are looking for 24 men who ... read more

Pink Star diamond sets new world record in Hong Kong - BBC News

A rare and beautiful diamond known as the Pink Star diamond has been sold in Hong Kong for more than $71,000,000, setting a new world record for any gemstone at an auction. The oval-shaped 59.6 karat ... read more

The ungrateful refugee: 'We have no debt to repay'

This story is sure to change the way you look at refugees. Dina Nayeri was just a child when she fled the country of Iran as an asylum seeker. But as she settled into her new life in the United States ... read more

Meet the Hunter Troop: Norway's tough-as-nails female soldiers - BBC News

Women are sure to be inspired by the all girl troop known as the Hunter Troop, the worlds first all-female special forces training program in Norway. Girls are subjected to rigorous training that incl ... read more

Brazil snake eats a porcupine and gets pierced by spikes

Not everyone loves snakes, but after you see this video of a boa constrictor who swallowed a porcupine you can't help but feel bad for the creature. The video appears to show an injured boa constricto ... read more

Artist creates Beyoncé statue out of cheese

It's probably safe to say that you've never seen anything quite like this sculpture that was recently made for the East Village Cheese and Wine festival held in London, England. Talk about good advert ... read more

Toddler who lost eye in cancer battle gets special look-alike doll

Anything that can make a childhood illness a little bit easier is a welcome reprieve in any child's life. And for a brave little girl who battled cancer, a bunny doll received as an extra-special gift ... read more

Missouri's Newest State Park Is Simply Incredible

Before planning where you'll go for your summer vacation, you will want to take a look at Missouri's Echo Bluff State Park, a new park with some amenities to enjoy. Missouri is already home to some pr ... read more

Dad Hears Blood-Curdling Screams in Parking Lot. When He Spots Him, That's When She Utters Three Words

This fathers trip to his local Meijer to pick up some gummy bears and treats ended up saving a woman's life. Ty Zerby was doing a late night run to his local Meijer store when he had the chance to sav ... read more

This Cloud Actually Rains Drops Of Tequila

If you love Science, you are going to love this. Science has created an indoor cloud that produces raindrops of real tequila. The tequila cloud is part of an installation at the Urban Spree art galler ... read more

15 Times Anna Kendrick Was The Funniest Celeb On Twitter

While most celebrity recent news is on the boring side, gauged at pumping out the press for upcoming movies and television projects. There are a handful of quality celebrities who's quick wit is just ... read more

I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won't stop fact-checking me.

These days there is a whole new set of rules when it comes to how kids look at and read information. It used to be that kids got most of their information from reliable books such as encyclopedias and ... read more

California is back and the proof is in the poppies

There's something amazing happening in Southern California that you will want to see if you have the chance. Poppies have exploded into spectacular bursts of color, indicating an end to the drought. I ... read more

#UberBae's Insane Story of Allegedly Driving Her Boyfriend's Side Chick to His Apartment Is a Must-Read

What a way to bust a cheating boyfriend. You will want to read this story of how an Uber driver found out her boyfriend was cheating; this story is better than any movie you will see, funny GIFs and a ... read more

34+ Epic Cake Fails That Show Why You Should Never Bake

You see the perfect cake recipe on the internet and think what an excellent idea for your kids birthday party, only to make something that doesn't resemble the idea even a bit. The problem with the in ... read more

Dude Wouldn't Take No For an Answer, So This Woman Texted Him the PERFECT Reply

In today's dating world it's common for people to meet each other through online dating sites and social media. And when you meet someone online, sometimes they just won't take no for an answer. Maybe ... read more

Big Trouble in Little China: The Game Looks Fan-Freaking-Tastic

When everything old is new again, an upcoming new board game inspired by the 1986 movie Big Trouble in Little China is sure to have people rewatching the fantasy martial arts film again. The game whic ... read more

Ivanka Trump Named 'Assistant to the President' in New Role

Ivanka Trump has been making news ever since her father came into office. And this week she has been named an employee of the U.S. government. The White House announced this past Wednesday that Ivanka ... read more

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