How to Build Beautiful Wood Deck Storage

Just as you need storage space inside your home for all the necessary items you need in day to day life, you also need storage for your back yard and deck. That's where this wood deck storage comes in ... read more

Totally Amazing Collapsing DIY Wood Pallet Benches

Wooden pallets are being to make all sorts of things these days, and it is really popular in the DIY world to reuse and recycle these pieces of wood and make them into something that can be utilized a ... read more

Two-Headed Hammer

Have you ever seen anything like this double headed hammer in your life? It is not something new that you can go out and buy at your local hard ware store to hammer double the nails in half the time, ... read more

Stunning Log Wooden Bench

What a stunning log wooden bench! There are thousands of bench designs out there. There are metal benches and plastic benches. You will find pre-made, and mass produced benches. You can even custom or ... read more

Reclaimed Wood is a FREE Way to DIY Your Next Project

Reclaimed wood is great to use for your next project. There are so many sources to find wood, from shipping pallets that you can find or get for free at the dockyard, or even to scavenge the country s ... read more

How to Build a Maple Slab Outdoor Table

Do you need a table? you can build one yourself very easily out of a slab of wood.. This way you can customize the size of the table to your needs. You can build an indoor or outdoor table using sla ... read more

30 Incredible DIY Pallet Sofa Ideas for Any Home

Want to know 30 Incredible DIY Pallet Sofa Ideas for Any Home! Do you have old pallets just sitting around your house? Or do you have a couch that is getting old? Would you like to spice up your livin ... read more

Make a Hardwood Floor that looks 3D from your Own Trees

Wow, check out this beautiful, elegant, and absolutely TRIPPY floor! Did you know you can make a hardwood floor that looks 3D with wood from your own local trees? Well, you can, and here's how! ... read more

In today's home design we use chairs so often. This article will show you many different styles of chairs from log to keyboard stools and stylish chairs made of tree logs! This post shows you that you ... read more

Mousetrap Catapult

No one likes a mouse running around in their house because they are known carriers of diseases and other unwanted germs. With that in mind, you will need to use a mousetrap. But are you aware that tho ... read more

Building A Dining Room Table

There are so many environmentally kind design focuses lately! Reclaimed to salvaged, the best thing is to keep things out of the landfill and repurpose it for a useful addition to your home. Contempor ... read more

Woodworking As A Career

When I was a kid, my big brother used to let me hang out with him when he was working on projects for shop class. He had a natural talent for building, and I loved watching him work. He'd give me a c ... read more

Building A Hot Tub Gazebo

Have you seen the film 'A Cinderella Story'? “Chad Michael Murray is hot!” Yes, I know. I have only imagined for 38 times that I am Hillary Duff. *sighs* *daydreams* Well, this is not about Chad Micha ... read more

Dog Day Bed

Wow, doesn't that dog look happy and comfortable in his very own log bed? That is a great idea, I had never thought of getting my dog a gorgeous log bed like that. Nowadays many people including mysel ... read more

The DIY Wooden Bicycle Project is Totally Cool

Have nothing to do this weekend? Have some wood to spare? Try your hand at building this wooden bike, if for nothing else, just for fun and to see if it intact works! The people on Instructables alway ... read more

Swing Bed- Porch Swing Handmade with Mahogany Wood

Your eyes are closed. The warmth of sunshine touches upon your face. You hear the buzz of the bees in the flowers and the zip of a hummingbird. A dog barks. Children's laughter drifts on the breeze. I ... read more

Wow! How Cool Are These Drawers?

Guys, on a scale of one to ten, how cool are these drawers? “Ten is too small. Give me the one to infinity scale and I'll give you infinity as the answer.” You can have infinity and beyond, my friend. ... read more

Two Canoes and a Crazy Idea

Dr. Joe got his crazy idea from a book title called “The Six Hour Canoe.” He never even read the book, but the title captivated his imagination and got him wondering... Could he really build a canoe ... read more

I've Seen People Turn Pallets Into Cool Things. But THIS, This Is Brilliant

For many years now the concepts of recycling, re-purposing, and up-cycling have been gaining traction and reaching what some may even call a fervor on sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. ... read more

How To Build A Food Storage Drying Rack/Shelf

More and more people are taking an interest in food preservation and storage. The local food movement has got many people growing food in their gardens and gathering fruit from local fruit trees. Know ... read more

Building A Woodburning Hot Tub

Do you want a hot tub but are not too fond of the idea of all the chemicals and electric power that goes into keeping it heated? Well check out this wonderful idea made by a couple who wanted a place ... read more

Building A Wooden Fence

Are you in need of a new fence or don't have a fence and just need one? Fences are great for urban properties that are so close together that if one wasn't there, you would basically be sharing a back ... read more

The Types Of Joinery Craftsmanship Today

I love solid built furniture. To me that often means looking for older pieces, made before the days of mass production and particle board. I look for a few different things. One is solid wood. I love ... read more

Turn an Old, Crappy Piece of Wood Into a Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Heirloom

There are so many incredible ideas and inspiration of things that people are building out of reclaimed wood from old barns, fences, houses, and even driftwood. Its not something you can find in a stor ... read more

How To Start A Woodworking Business From Home With No Capital Or Experience

Living in this decade is opening a lot of doors for entrepreneurs and woodworkers to create a lucrative income at home, even without having a capital or experience in the said industry. How is that po ... read more

How To Frame A Window And Door Opening

Are you interested in building you own house? This tutorial on How To Frame A Window And Door Opening will help you to make sure that you have all the openings in your house properly built to withstan ... read more

What To Look For In Woodworking Supplies

Woodworking is an incredibly valuable trade requiring precise measurements, fine attention to detail, deep focus and concentration and exceptional skill. Investing in the right tools to do the job is ... read more

This Timber Workbench Project is Great

Wooden pallets are being used by beginner do-it-your-selfers and even by professionals and can be converted to anything from shelves and benches, home decor accessories, tables and even disassembled f ... read more

Wine Box Into Rustic Wood Box

Do you love authentic, vintage, rustic decor? You can make your very own decor by learning how to turn a wine box into rustic wood box. It is really quite simple and the result is beautiful! Using a s ... read more

30 DIY Useful And Smart Ideas: How To Repurpose Wooden Barrels

There's something so appealing about the natural allure of rustic styles. Dare I say, 'rustic chic'? Throw in a touch of cleverness to give an old-fashioned decor a modern purpose, and you've got some ... read more

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