Wooden Illusion

Optical illusions are incredible; not only are they fantastic works of art in their own right, they can also literally trick our brains so that what you think you see is never what you really get. Fro ... read more

Do you feel like you are a handy DIY-er ? Think you could make a coffee table? Might sound like a difficult and potentially expensive feat, but not when you use a plan that has been tried before and p ... read more

Unique Bulb Table

Think "beautiful wooden furniture" and the words more likely call to mind dark, heavy banquet tables and chests of drawers. But somewhere beyond ponderous Baroque pieces and rustic American handiwork, ... read more

Super Funky 3 Arm Table

Your house doesn't have to look so boring with traditional furniture. Have fun and try to add something new and unique that your peers would end up dropping their jaws because of how unconventional yo ... read more

Maserati Rocker

Back in the day, it was common for young boys to become apprentices of their father, their grand father, or a family relative or friend. They would learn to be a craftsman of all sorts, like a carpent ... read more

How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven

Who doesn't love pizza?! I know I do! It is not as unhealthy as some people think it is either, especially when it is made in the traditional way. With fresh ingredients and by hand, you know exactly ... read more

The Amazing One Hand Bottle Opener

Can you imagine a world without a bottle opener? Perhaps we could all see everyone using their teeth, their bleeding fingers or anything that has a nail on it to push that cover out of a bottle. That ... read more

The Most Stylish Laptop Riser Ever

For home-based workers who have to face their laptops for eight hours, we're all in this together. Yes, it's 'we' – because that includes ME. *winks* I feel you guys! Anyway, we all have the same prob ... read more

Build A Homemade Pallet Smoker

Are you an avid homesteader looking for your next big project ? Do you have animals with a lot of extra meat to process? Maybe you are neither, but this project might still be something your're intere ... read more

Free Log Furniture Plans

Who among you here is in love with log furniture? “Forever and ever, I will always love log furniture.” “Almost all my stuff at home is made of logs. I guess you can say that I'm in love with it.” I l ... read more

XYZen Garden... MIND BLOWN

Japanese rock gardens, are often called "zen garden" or "dry landscape" garden. Common characteristics of Japanese gardens combine the elements of rocks, plants, and water, to create a tranquil and so ... read more

One Suprising Use for Cordwood to Give Your Home a Rustic Look

When I hear the words cord wood, I think of my firewood pile that keeps my house warm all winter long. However, cordwood can be used for interior and exterior design purposes! I have never thought of ... read more

Incredible Table Tricks The Eye

In this day and age, it's difficult to come up with completely new and fresh creative ideas that have yet to be done. As time chugs along, inventions and innovations abound. It seems like we've seen i ... read more

Repurpose Vintage Wood Crates Into Useful Furniture

There's no reason to think twice when it comes to styling or designing your home these days because of the help of some repurposed materials. You won't have an issue when it comes to dealing with your ... read more

Wicked DIY Pallet Sliding Door

Pallets have been all the rage these days, and it isn't difficult to understand why since they are incredibly versatile. They have been considered utterly useless and wasteful until people started to ... read more

Lawn Chair

Did you recently move from a country like area, which was flourishing with green plant life to the city? Or have you recently moved from a house with a yard to an apartment without one? Do you miss ha ... read more

Top 10 DIY Tips and Tricks

We all know the economy is shifting and we need to shift along with it. Gone are the days of excess and luxury for many of us. I never used to think about clipping coupons or saving my refundable bott ... read more

Another Top 10 Carpentry Tips And Tricksavco Cabin

Fans of carpentry and DIYs will be so thrilled to find out some cool tips and tricks in this department. It doesn't matter how long you have been a carpenter, it would still help that you acquire some ... read more

Garden Bench Design Ideas Made From Wood

In need of a bench to spruce up your home's yard decor? Just need to put some new seating out for guests or passer's by? Here is the article you want to see to get inspired to buy or maybe even build ... read more

The Enormous Chair

There is something so warm and welcoming about wooden patio furniture. It may be old and weathered to that glorious grey tone that only happens after years of exposure to sun and rain or it may be ne ... read more

Oh Clever, Very Clever!

A house doesn't look like a home without furniture that will complete its feel or mood. The presence of your furniture is, of course, not just for the atmosphere of the space, but the function is rath ... read more

Outdoor Pallet Swing Chair

Pallets have oodles of ways to become distinctive one of a kind masterpieces. Some people may simply throw these away, considering that they are trash with no value. Artistic people and experts in des ... read more

21 Ways Of Turning Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture

Do you love furniture? Have pallets around but don't know how to make them useful? No problem! There are 21 ways (or more) on how to turn those pallets into unique pieces of furnitures. Wood pallets a ... read more

Add Beauty To Your Outdoor Projects With Creative Woodworking Plans

For some, woodworking is not an easy thing to do, but some people find joy in handcrafting wood into various cool objects and functional creations. There are many things you can do with just simple wo ... read more

Wood Art Project

Woodworking is an art of bringing together the environment, human skills and special tools to create a long-lasting masterpiece. It is important to have some basic skills and knowledge to begin with w ... read more

DIY Rustic Log Bird Feeder

Bird watching is one of life's simple pleasures and a reminder to take a moment and observe the beauty of nature around us. By taking walks in nature regularly and paying attention to what is going on ... read more

DIY Pallet and Spool Chair

Old pallets are a very cheap building material, so you can see why there are tons of interesting (and useful) do-it-yourself ideas how to make your own furniture. First and foremost, in this day and ... read more

DIY STUNNING Floor Made from Upcycled Wood Pallets!

We are featuring here from what a blogger writes; I came across this article as we were searching for uses for the large amount of wooden pallets we are interested in recycling. We have constructed a ... read more

30 Creative Pallet Furniture DIY and Projects

They aren't just for shipping anymore. Wooden pallets can often be found for free in commercial areas. Pallets can be repurposed in a myriad of ways around the home and yard, anything from a 3-bin com ... read more

He Took A Knife To A Block Of Wood And Came Out With Something Great

It just goes to show that you don't need much to make something really cool. This article with great photos attached shows a man who took a small square piece of wood and made it into a ring! Yes! A r ... read more

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