Alien Abductions: Part of a Global Conspiracy, Experts Claim

More and more people are becoming aware of and accepting the fact that we are not alone in the universe as the only living beings. It would be ridiculous at this point to think that we were the only l ... read more

10 Things That Might Make You Believe In Aliens

There is no denying that Aliens are an extremely popular, theorized lifeforms for the creative human interest. These extraterrestrial species have been talked about over and over, as well as debated u ... read more

UFO Appeared Near the Sun, Which is Depicted in a Glyphs in Egypt!

Have you ever seen a UFO before? Have you ever been able to catch one on camera? Well a You Tuber claims he has figured out from a photo of the sun that this is a alien space craft he has seen. He com ... read more

Aliens Walking On The Moon, The Truth Exposed, Apollo 8

The existence of aliens has always been a mystery, even when there are claims and probable proof of them walking among us. And if they really do exist, where is their origin? What planet could they be ... read more

NASA Photo is Proof of Apollo 20 Mission, Photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News.

On April 2007, there are some videos taken by the NASA that showed the activity on the moon wherein there was a close up of an alien cigar-shaped vessel in Deporte crater. It was taken during the Apol ... read more

The Story Of A Man Who Went Missing After Taking This Photo

There are a lot of spooky stories about aliens, mythical creatures and their encounter with humans. Not all of them have been proven real and most of them have remained a mystery. One of them is the s ... read more

DNA Results For The Elongated Skulls In Peru Are In And The Results Are Absolutely Shocking

The long-awaited DNA results of one of Peru's elongated skulls are starting to come in! The mysterious “Paracas Skulls” of Peru have been in the public eye for quite some time now, raising many quest ... read more

Is this An Actual Alien in Stasis? Or the Coolest Bedroom Light EVER

Aliens are without a doubt fascinating, and the mystery that surrounds them makes us even more drawn into the idea of their possible existence. If you love them, then you will love this idea that we'r ... read more

Another New Ancient Alien Picture has Been Found

There are a lot of theories on everything out there in the world and to believe every one of them would be only a little bit crazy. However, everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and if one of your b ... read more

Alien Abduction Lamp

Are you an alien lover or do you know someone who will appreciate this fun gift idea of an 'Alien Abduction Lamp'? This fun DIY project on how to build an alien abduction lamp will certainly be an obj ... read more

Unidentified Flying Objects – The Reality, The Cover Up And The Truth

UFOs or the Unidentified Flying Objects have been witnessed by many people around the globe. It has also been recorded in the books, myths and legends centuries ago. However, many people also believe ... read more

The Original

The film 'Alien' is undoubtedly one of the most popular films in history especially that the movie boasted of a pretty distinctive imagery of the famous extraterrestrial lifeforms paired with numerous ... read more

Is The Moon An Artificial Alien Base?

The moon is the Earth's only natural satellite, and its rhythm has guided people over the century. In fact, a determination for calendar months are made by the moon's cycle of going from one full moon ... read more

20 Mysterious Alien Artifacts That Should Not Exist

The idea that Aliens existed greatly in the early and successful civilizations and up until this day is increasingly popular. It has been discussed countless times and in countless occasions that the ... read more

Alien Found By farmer In Mexico - DNA Tests And Scans Baffles By Scientists

One of the ongoing questions that mankind has in this life is if there is life outside our planet. Could it be that aliens exist? There are some people who claim that they have seen them walked among ... read more

Is This An ALIEN SKULL? Amateur astronomer spots peculiar object on a comet

Many alleged alien existence evidences are circulating all around the world. There's this so-called alien skull in Peru, the alien artifacts, and the strange humanoid skeleton found in Chile that made ... read more

Just Released by Mexican Authorities: Proof of Alien Life on Earth

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca civilizations were indeed very famous up until this day for the advancements they possess above any other civilization during their time. The Mayan and the Aztecs were extre ... read more

Alien/Humanoid Creature Being Examined at Stanford University

Are you still skeptical about aliens? “Yes, I've always been. I've heard a lot of claims and evidences; however, some are said to be fake which made me dubious about aliens.” Well, I know how that fee ... read more

Russians Make Major UFO Disclosure Statement: Aliens Are Real

Alien existence continues to be a question mark to many people. What about you? Do you believe that aliens are real? “No, I don't think so. I need authentic proofs and confirmation from reliable peopl ... read more

Are These Alien Skulls?

For alien hunters out there, these alleged alien skulls will catch your attention. “Tell us!” Cool, I really got your attention. *winks* Well, the idea of supposed alien life existence has been a very ... read more

They're Just Not That Into Us

Aliens are depicted to be carnivorous and life-consuming in nature, as well as scary-looking beings that are hungry to conquer Earth. These descriptions embedded in most human minds are made entirely ... read more

Not All Aliens Are Friendly

Aliens are believed to be multi-intelligent beings who can communicate through telepathy and have long possessed intelligent mind capacity. They are highly spiritual in nature, as many have described ... read more

Hunting Aliens by Searching for Megastructures in Space

Who belongs to the 'alien hunting' club here? “I do!” Well, you might want to sit down and read this article. Science has done it again! *winks* Through searching for megastructures in space construct ... read more

Top 10 Places on Earth That Look Completely Alien

So guys, we have been talking about aliens lately, right? Some of you have varying opinions. Some say aliens exist, some say they don't, and some of you are still undecided. Well, people, I'll tell yo ... read more

Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Are Allegedly Alien

There are some researchers claiming that aliens have walked on our planet long ago. Such statements are not easy to prove, and we can all say that it is not hard to just disregard such claims and thin ... read more

Top 10 Reasons the Moon Landings Could Be a Hoax

What can you say about this proposed theory that moon landing is a hoax? “It's impossible. How could it become a hoax? Photos are shown! And those are enough to believe that someone really landed on t ... read more

Top 10 Ancient Aliens Mysteries

According to some studies regarding aliens and life in the outer space, there were creatures that were possible to have walked on our planet thousands of years ago. These creatures were believed to be ... read more

Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Close Encounters With Aliens

Lately, we've been talking a lot about aliens, most famous alien abductions and other recovered aliens in the past. But did it ever come into your mind that maybe celebrities have also experienced the ... read more

Top 10 Of The Weirdest Alien Encounters People Really Claim To Have

There are some people who claim that they have encountered aliens on earth, and not all of these claims would sound weird to those who will hear it. We can't say they all untrue because there are stil ... read more

Top 10 Truths About UFOs

Have you ever heard about stories regarding U.F.O's? Yes or not yet?Unidentified Flying Object or U.F.O is the well-known term for any aerial phenomenon that is undetermined or easily identified by an ... read more

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