Is Your Dog Psychic?

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Ever wonder how your dog knows you are on your way home? Or understands when you are having a bad day? Do they have some mystical powers that we don't know about?

Dogs are awesome and loyal friend anyone can have. They are the most loved and preferred companion than any other creatures and sometimes knows what we are thinking of. There are many instances dogs appeared to know what happened in the future and helped their human prevent dangers. The questions is do they really have psychic powers?

Experts believe that dogs have a sixth sense which is more superior to the existing five. They stated that dogs live different lives from human, especially when it comes to the sensory world. The way we see the world around us is different from how dogs perceive it whether it is in visual, smell or hearing term. They can even hear a pin drop, literally!

A dogs' brain is only one tenth of the size of the human brain, but they have 40 times larger smelling processes than human. Humans only have 5 million scent glands, but dogs have 300 million, and it depends on their kind of breed. Therefore, dogs can perceive the future. They can also see what the weather is going to be because they can sense any changes in barometric pressure that we, humans, are not aware of. Even dogs that are not trained can also be sensitive to any emergencies and dangers like a disease, natural disaster and many more.

There are many cases where science has proved that dogs have the amazing abilities that we don't know of. The most special thing about dogs that we love is that dogs can create the special bond that not all animals can offer. It is some sort of emotional recognition that is more than understanding.

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