LEGAL! Trudeau Unveils Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Canada

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Canada is making news around the world today as it fulfills a campaign pledge made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who introduced legislation on Thursday to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the country. Several nations have either decriminalized marijuana or allowed it to be prescribed medically or effectively stopped enforcing laws against it. But when Mr. Trudeau's bill passes next year as expected, Canada will become only the second nation, in the world, after Uruguay, to completely legalize marijuana as a consumer product. The Canadian government's new plan has been shaped by a panel of experts, but there are still many issues that need to be worked out before any legal sales can begin. Each of the provinces in Canada will need to decide exactly how the recreational drug will be distributed and sold within its boundaries. The Canadian government will have to work on and develop the breathalyzers for marijuana and a blood alcohol standard so that drivers can be checked for impairment when on the roads and workers can be tested for safety on the job. Diplomats will have to address potential conflicts with international drug treaties. And many in the medical field are concerned about the long-term health effects of the expected increased use of marijuana by Canadians under the age of 25.

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And while there are eight American states that have legalized marijuana to different extents, the drug remains illegal under federal law. Prime Minister Trudeau's move eliminates any such ambiguity in Canada. The new law will follow a court-mandated legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, which was first introduced with tight controls in 1999 and later broadened by further court orders. While the new legislation for marijuana will take Canada beyond its medical marijuana system, it stops far short of creating an open market.

Each province in the country will have to decide where and how marijuana may be sold and will set prices. The question of how much marijuana will cost and how much it will be taxed will be influenced by Canada's experience with tobacco. When the country tried to discourage smoking by increasing cigarette taxes, it inadvertently created a huge black market for cigarettes that were smuggled from the United States and elsewhere. Since one of the Canadian government's main aims with the new law is to wipe out or reduce the dealing of marijuana, it will want to avoid measures that increase its growth. It is unclear where marijuana users will be able to buy the drug. Several provinces restrict alcohol sales mainly to government-run liquor stores, and a similar arrangement may also be used for marijuana. But a federal task force that released its findings late last year recommended that recreational marijuana should not be offered in shops that also sell alcohol. This is just one of the new trending stories you will find on the NY Times site. **

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