List of Psychic Abilities

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Levitation, Pyrokinesis, and Telekinesis; these are just some of the famed psychic abilities widely renowned as of today. The media and a large volume of other literary works have discussed the availability of a sixth sense entirely operating as a special ability. Countless accounts have been existent throughout the centuries of a certain skill, not every human being are in possession, but rather, are kept hidden in others.

The sciences have tried generating complex theories of this phenomenon, making use of experiences that have mortified many vulnerable individuals as well as delighted a few one who have long been curious of a secret gift. Psychic abilities may be or may not be a gift depending on an individual's perception of the world.

Unfortunately, The Science of the mind could not entirely explain the whole of such phenomena as its theories could not give clear evidences for clear facts. Psychic abilities thrive more into a deeper sense such as consciousness. Consciousness is fundamental to the universe, and in order for to run powerfully, an individual must be ultra-sensitive in his/her emotional and physical state.

For most, a deep level of concentration as well as the ability to do so creates a link for humans to his/her inner abilities. Such abilities could only be accessed through the power of the mind and without that, one could only be stuck to his/her physical abilities, and psychic talents are not physical.

For people who have unexpected experiences with their psychic abilities, an explanation would be that perhaps they possess a deeper level of thought towards events than others, which is why the sixth sense had been activated without any forms of awareness placed unto it.

There has been a wide array of these skills which have been named from the countless experiences from certain individuals had in the past. The list includes the more common Astral Projection, where advertency is achieved through out-of-body experiences, and Precognition, the capability of a person to predict events that have not occurred at a present time.

Another popular psychic ability is Telepathy; wherein a person has the wide-range ability to read another's mind.

Other abilities are named as Aura Reading, Automatic Writing, Channeling, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Animal Telepathy, Divination, Dowsing, Intuition, and Psychometry.

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