Low Cholesterol, Vegan-Style Brown Bread

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330 ml water

12 g virgin olive oil

8 g sea salt

10 g total sweet artificial sweetener

21 g soya milk

2 cups strong wholewheat flour

2 cups quinoa flour

1 cup gluten-free self-raising flour

1⁄2 cup of plant based protein powder

6 g yeast


Always start with the wet ingredients first for the breadmaker if you have one. This is what I used settings: wholewheat, 900g,medium. Cooking time is 3hrs. If you are making this via mixing bowl start in the same way. Ensure oven is gas Mark 250 then lower it to 150 once bread is ready to be baked.

Then add all the dry ingredients next with the yeast last to add. Start kneading once it has formed a dough for ten minutes.

Place the dough on a bowl, cover with clingfilm in a warm place and leave to raise for an hour.

Grease bread pan with low cholesterol butter, then place the dough in the pan moulding it to size you desire, then place in the oven to bake until golden brown. Keep checking with a tooth pick to ensure bread is cooked in the middle.

The smell should be amazing and the taste will be even better. Try it with sugar free jam or almond butter and banana or just simply low cholesterol butter. Yummy ??.

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