Meet Desolenator: The Gadget that will turn Sunshine into Drinking Water.

The heat of the sun is one of the most powerful and efficient natural sources of energy that we have here on earth. Dont underestimate its presence during the day because without its energy, its impossible for the human race to survive on this planet. Its a necessity, more than food, shelter and water. But isnt it amazing how all those three necessities can also be acquired through the energy coming from the sun? Food and shelter, we cant doubt that the sun has a lot to do with it but wait a minute, water? Some people would argue that the sun would even cause water to dry up. As you read on, you will realize how powerful its energy is that it could now help produce water.

For water to be produced using the heat of the sun, a gadget called the Desolenator was invented. It is a gadget that uses solar power to make this happen. The best part is that it is not just ordinary water, but we are talking about clean water that you could drink as it is totally safe for consumption. A lot of people around the world dont have an access to clean drinking water, but with this gadget, its looking like that problem is about to be solved.

The Desolenator acts as a filtering device that it will remove the salt and other dirt that can be found in the water so people could drink it safely. It wont require electricity since its main source for operation is just the heat of the sun. The team who is working on it is still raising funds using Crowd funding online, so they could use further and larger scale testing in South India.

If you want to know more about this amazing gadget, check out the website Tech Digest TV below.


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