Musty or Smoky Smell? Best Methods to Get Rid of Household Odors

Is there pungent odour filling the air in your home? Before you reach for that air spray, check out these cleaning tips and simple life hacks to get rid of bad smells in various areas of the home. Usually, we'll just reach for the spray to cover up smells in our home, but that's all it does, just covers these smells up. It doesn't actually fix the problem at all. So instead of just covering up nasty smells get them at the source with these great cleaning tips from 101 Cleaning Tips. The simple life hacks they share with us are super easy to do, and they'll dispel odours the natural way, so you don't have to use harsh chemicals around the house. Most people these days are trying to keep things natural in the home to keep themselves and the environment clean and healthy. For natural home cleaners, you won't need much more than some distilled white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, herbs and spices. So you may not even have to buy any new supplies to do these simple life hacks. Just look in your kitchen cabinets and pull out all of the natural ingredients you need. If you do need to buy a few ingredients, you should be able to find them all at the grocery store, and they are very affordable to buy.

One of the first cleaning tips they share with us is how to get rid of any nasty odours from the refrigerator. The fridge can be a tricky place when it comes to odours because there is a congregation of different scents all together in one closed off area. A good idea to keep odours to a minimum is to keep lids and coverings on items. So store leftovers in sealed containers and wrap onions which tend to have a very strong scent in aluminium foil and place in a tightly sealed container. Also, you're going to want to clean out your fridge every once in a while. Once a month should work fine. This is a chance to go through and throw away anything that's old and rotting that's probably causing bad smells. Take everything out of the fridge and then make a mixture of water and vinegar and spread it all over the fridge shelves and walls then let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse before putting all of the contents of the fridge back inside.

Another place that can cause a bad smell in the kitchen is in the sink. The drain can get pretty stinky over time if you accidentally let food go down there. So use some lemons to clean that smell right out. Just pour a mixture of boiling water and lemon juice down the drain every couple of weeks to kill the odour. The other thing you can do to prevent these odours is to be sure not to pour cooking oils down the drain because they end up sticking to the sides of the drain. Also keep food out of your drains too. Remove strong smells from the shoe closet by making little sachets of thyme. You could also use lavender if you prefer the scent. Just place them inside the shoe closet, and eventually, the smells will be long gone. Cleaning your house once a week is also a good idea to keep things clean so that there aren't any lingering odours. You should also take out your garbage routinely too and wash out your garbage can with vinegar and hot water to remove all of the garbage smells from the can. Try out these simple life hacks for a better smelling home.***

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