Native American Zodiac Symbols & Their Meaning

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Have you ever wondered what the zodiac signs mean? Have you wondered what your zodiac sign is? When we look at our zodiac signs and meanings, there is this gut feeling of being excited and delighted about the meaning of our astrological signs. Maybe some of you could smile and consciously utter Yes, that's really me or Wow! That's absolutely right. As you will discover your zodiac signs, you can begin to relate these signs to your friends, co-workers, family and even to strangers!.

Astrology is somehow a window into our unseen realms. It gives us an idea who we really are and others too. It is actually a tool to amplify and strengthen our understanding regarding our compassion to others. Like for example, a friend snaps an irritation and seems like she/he is too cranky for the whole week. You can consult his/her zodiac sign to find out an answer why he/she has this kind of tantrums lately. So knowing this kind of practice will lead you to more patience and understanding towards your friend.

Native American symbols include nearly all of the animals in North America. Many Native American cultures believe that a person is embodied with the spirit of a particular animal totem and that this animal spirit can help to guide and rule their actions and decisions in life. We have found a fantastic resource which is dedicated to Native American symbols and the meanings behind the Zodiac symbols.

Discovering your animal spirit can help you attune with your own personal animal spirit and may be help you to live a happier life. When you attune to your spirit animal, you may start to feel a greater understanding of yourself and your decisions in life. Are you a wolf? A tiger? A puma? Find out! We hope you will enjoy this resource!

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